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Should there be a mainstream song for the end credits?

posted by WarDragon989 on - last edited - Viewed by 616 users
I was just thinking with the end episode rapidly approaching should Telltale but a mainstream song at the end of episode 5 in the credits to convey the entire feeling and atmosphere that player have felt through out the game?

When I mean "mainstream song" I refer to a song which you might hear on the radio or tv, and is not something that the current musical artist on the video game would create. (no offense intended)

So for instance my choices would be; I choose these songs because as instrumental versions, they have a range of emotions from; power, to sorrow, to desperation to more. But that is just my own opinion on the matter =/

So what do you guys think? Like the idea of having a mainstream song in the end credit of episode 5? or would it ruin the mood? Any suggestions?
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