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Episode 4 Trailer (inside)

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So I've readed somewhere on the forum the Episode 4 debut trailer will be released on 1st of October (today), is it true? :o

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Here's the youtube link:[/highlight]
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  • Kiel555;687070 said:
    There you go. That could be pretty shocking. Especially if both you and Clem are next to be seen by the "doctor".
    There you go... oh... late... :D
  • If I could offer some advice in advance of Episode 4's release, it would be to not get too caught up in imagining the worst, most horrible things that could possibly happen because I think that's an overly simplistic way to look at it and you'll probably wind up disappointed. While The Walking Dead has a tonal palette that ranges from dark to REALLY dark, that doesn't mean that as writers we're always simply looking for the most shocking ideas imaginable. We're looking for the most interesting ideas within that palette. Yeah it'd be easy to have the whole story devolve in a rape'n'torture fest but I think that would be shock for shock's sake and not necessarily appropriate to the story we're looking to tell.

    Episode 4 definitely has some fucked-up shit in it, but in its own way I think it's also the most fun episode and has some of the season's most lighthearted moments because it can't just be 100% relentless all-misery-all-the-time. I think with this one we tried to find a mix that allows us to stretch a few previously unused muscles without betraying the overall vibe of The Walking Dead.

    Once the episode is out and you've all had a chance to play it I'll be happy to do some kind of Q&A thread in here where I can answer your questions and listen to what you loved/hated about it.
  • Yay! Let's all get in a circle and toss Gary up in the air a few times!
  • I just skimmed through most of the last two pages for the same reason I don't read the "How can things possibly get worse?" thread... there's a bunch of sick twists on this forum.

    In my experience, Telltale would never sacrifice a story for shock value and I wouldn't expect them to start with The Walking Dead.
    Gary Whitta;687072 said:
    Once the episode is out and you've all had a chance to play it I'll be happy to do some kind of Q&A thread in here where I can answer your questions and listen to what you loved/hated about it.
    Aren't you a brave soul! Are you sure about that?
  • Cyreen;687089 said:
    ... Aren't you a brave soul! Are you sure about that?
    Hush my darling. :D
  • Darling? Do I get to call you Honey?

  • Whenever you feel like it, dear.
  • I'm really curious why this stranger is making a fuss over an 8 year old girl. What is Clem to him? It's hard to imagine. If anything, from a practical standpoint, a child is a liability.
  • As far as I am concerned, every moment not focused on relentless misery is to make you like the characters so that when the horror starts up again it shocks you even worse then it would have if they had just kept up the downers. I'm not getting sucked into that blatant emotional trickery anymore. Credibility got shot with me after Kat's suicide. The main cast, everyone I cared about, got killed off (or emotionally crippled beyond repair) and I'm not going to develop the same emotional attachment with this new group as I did with the old because I know now, to the bottom of my soul, that they are only there to BE MURDERED IN HORRIBLE WAYS.

    In my mind, episode 3 put shock above story and all I hear now is that episode 4 and 5 will be "worse". Seeing Mark without his legs in episode 2 was the single most horrific moment as well. I doubt experimental patients will look much worse then he did. Although there would likely be more of them at once. Plus, the writers say it will be "worse" in a gleeful manner. Thinking about that bit in the interview sickens me a bit, frankly. The impression I get from these people is that putting shock over story is exactly what they want to do.

    Sexual themes is listed now in the adult warning. That means rape in some form. On camera or off. It's pretty much a lock as to it happening. You can talk about how, maybe, we will be seeing science experiments gone wrong and that might be bad but your reactions show that what you are really afraid of is the rape. You shed away from it as if that is the worst thing that can happen.

    I don't really get how rape is considered worse then torture anyway. When your fingers are cut off, one by one, that damage is freeking FOREVER. It's like, this girl has been captured and she is crying out, 'please don't rape me, anything but that' and the guy tells her to relax, because he's not going to do something like that. No, no, no, that would be sick and depraved. All he wants to do is skin her alive and the audience will feel relief because they were afraid she would be raped instead.

    I certainly wouldn't be disappointed to find out this doesn't happen but I'm not TRUSTING the writers to not do it. I hate episode 3, I hate how it made me feel and I'm not going through that again. Best way to not be shocked by whatever sick ideas they have planned is to think of the absolute worst things they can do and to not get attached to anyone.
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