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The Walking Dead Ep 4 RELEASE DATES ARE OUT! PSN NA October 9th, PC/Mac/Xbox 10th!

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Because if I don't make this thread, someone else will. As of now, no prize, because I'm still finishing The Ripper's comic cover.

If-and only if- I finish it by the end of the first week of September, I'll offer what I did last time, one randomly chosen person from those who guess the correct date (I'll make multiple winners if console and PC are not released on the same day) will get a TWD cover of themselves (or a friend/family member)

iOS releases are on a different schedule, so that doesn't count as a win. Just Mac/PC-Xbox-PS3 guesses.

Happy guessing!

-Sorry I remade the thread, poll wasn't working properly.
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  • HelloCthulhu;687099 said:

    Eliza Dushku: "Oh, Kirby. I love you."
    Kirby: "Aren't you married?"
    I'll revise it to Jennifer Carpenter.
  • kirby18;687074 said:
    I apologize in advance and I know Im being that guy, but because this dude said "sooner than expected" why are we thinking this means "sooner than October 19th"? I mean I think we can all agree they arent the most professional when publicly talking about release dates... If someone has any concrete evidence I missed than please inform but after doing pretty extensive research there is absolutely not one reason why this will be coming out "soon". Trust me, I want it just as bad as the next person but I find it funny how everyone seems to jump on the bandwagon because one man says it will come out very very soon
    Hej Kirby

    Read the last 4-5 comments posted by vain. He does provide a few good arguments. Nothing conclusive, but I believe, that his guess is the best estimate, we can get right now (unless TTG want to say something).
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    Thurs Oct 11, I'm betting all my money* on it.

    *) All my money equals EUR -794,31 or less. :D
  • CocaColin;687025 said:
    I'm surely starting to believe that we'll be getting this episode either on Friday, the 5th, or Tuesday, the 9th. They keep releasing images from the episode, and with the debut trailer and interview, it's not going to be longer than 2 weeks.
    Optimism is the way!:D
  • Would be awesome if it would get released this month :). Can't wait for episode 4.
  • I think TT might be finally getting the message. They are steering clear of release dates for now, but releasing screen shots, and trailers more than the other ep's to whet our appetites. This time around, I say kudo's TTG
  • Vainamoinen;686937 said:
    Only when I'm allowed to laugh at the "later in October" voters.
    What do you expect? The best predictors of behavior are previous actions. Lacking inside information, two months (i.e., the end of October), seemed like the best guess.
  • Why does IGN have Episode 4 release date in December 31, 2012 on there? I hope not..
  • Flawless02;687201 said:
    Why does IGN have Episode 4 release date in December 31, 2012 on there? I hope not..
    A mistake no doubt. I can understand being skeptical about an early october release, but a december release is just plain ridicolous.
  • The full retail copies are coming out in December, meaning ep 5 should be arrving somewhere around November.

    Which leads to episode 4 being released very, very soon!

    I have a feeling it's coming out next friday. Despite having voted for this monday..
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