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How will it end? Predictions

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Lee dies. Clementine lives. The entire game is about Clementine. Season 2 will be about a new character that meets Clementine and is her new protector/guardian.

Just a hunch.
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  • So which is it? Is emotionally gripping good or bad? Because you seem to be slamming Telltale for doing a good job.
    TomaO2;686988 said:
    I did NOT appreciate how this game jerked me around and I'm determined not to let it do so again.
  • Depends. I suppose in this case I would label it good that Shakespere isn't emotionally gripping because I wouldn't like caring about everyone only to have them die.

    I don't like it when everyone is disposable, like it is in this game.
  • Cyreen;687096 said:
    Think Shakespeare's Macbeth. It's really not much different. It's all dark, twisted, angst and then everybody dies.
    Shouldn't we much rather think Hemingway's To Whom The Bells Toll?
  • TomaO2;687492 said:
    Depends. I suppose in this case I would label it good that Shakespere isn't emotionally gripping because I wouldn't like caring about everyone only to have them die.

    I don't like it when everyone is disposable, like it is in this game.
    But if you know someone has plot armor and will never die no matter what, what's the point? You know they live, so seeing them defeat endless hordes of walkers with their bare hands is pretty boring. If everyone can die, it makes the game a lot more tense.
  • Rock, there is a HUGE difference between anyone "can" die and everyone "will" die, no matter what you do. They didn't have to have Kat suicide. If they hadn't done that, I wouldn't have been as upset as I am. Killing Carley was horrible, I hated losing her the most out of all the characters, but it was Kat's death that put me over the edge. Having Ben confirm that he was the traitor and finding out Clem has been lying about her walkie talkie (that was a truly disappointing reveal to me) was just icing on the cake of distrust.

    That scene not only killed Kat off but also broke Kenny and I realized that every person Clem and Lee (who have plot armor and therefore don't count) had met in episode 1 and 2 were dead, gone forever or untrustworthy. Then they toss me a bunch of new people and they expect me to care about them?

    No. Not happening.

    I don't feel like the characters are respected beyond how badly they can hurt you, emotionally, when bad things happen to them. I don't feel like I can afford to make friends or like these people because they will die or betray me. Episode 3 gave a huge emotional punch (I honestly don't recall the last time I got so badly effected by people dying in a game and even for a movie it's been a long time since I have been really hurt by a death) but at the cost of (in my mind) going too far and therefore forcing me to numb myself against whatever is coming.
  • Where did Telltale say that all the characters would die? I don't remember seeing any indication of that ANYWHERE in the game. Is it a possibility? Yes. Will it actually happen? We don't know. How do you know that everyone will die? Or are you just guessing?
  • TomaO2;687513 said:
    ...forcing me to numb myself against whatever is coming.
    Congratulate Telltale, they have effectively conveyed the dilemma of keeping others around in the apocalypse. It its clear from the start that others are a burden and an investment you shouldn't make in the first place - and in no clearer example than Clementine. People die and the human thing is to react in that exact way.

    Your reaction reads to me like the definition of grief. Except instead of blaming god, you're blaming the writers.
  • This is a wild prediction but here it goes:

    After being in Savannah and after everything is said and done Clementine will either find her parents or someone she knows (if parents are indeed dead) but will want to stick with Lee.

    Lee will lie to her (which could be out of player control) and say something along the lines of being right behind her or not abandoning her. When shes gone briefly Lee will get on the boat (or if some other transportation comes along) abandoning/leaving her in the safety of whomever is there that she knows.

    She'll call out to Lee crying and wanting to come with him or for him to stay, while Lee looks at her heartbroken knowing shes better of there than with him now.

    It could be one of those moments where the player has NO choice but to leave her. It would devastate those who love Clem, since this decision who be out of their hands.

    Lee could die, and it could still devastate Clem, but leaving her after all that time could devastate her too. Plus if possible I want to see if Lee would make it back to his wife/ex-wife.

    btw hi there everyone!
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