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The X-Men Thread

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This thing has been on my mind for a very long time.

I am an X-Men fan.

Since the premiere of the animated series in 1992.

I studied the comic chronlogy next a few years later

Then in 2000, when the first movie premiered, I thought it was so-so.

But after seeing it a second time on FOX, I came to enjoy it.

Then I waited for X2 X-Men United. Saw it. Liked it.

Then came the day X3 came out...:(

I was greatly disappointed. Instead of providing a worthy trilogy, Fox had to go and muck it all up.

The only good thing was the casting of Kelsey Grammar as Henry McCoy/Beast

Didn't bother with Origins Wolverine. And when it began to be TV aired, I only wanted to see Taylor Kitsch as one of my favorite X-characters Gambit.

I probably am one of the people (of a great many fans) that bears a serious grudge of the X-Men films being reduced quality storytelling.

Last year I decided to swallow my pride and give X-Men First Class a chance...

My faith had been restored (slightly about 70-75%). Yet, X3 still has left a scar on my soul.

Then, I discovered fan tales and became intrigued to writing.

Over the years, I have accumulated many ideas of media I've deemed worthy.

Some ideas lasted, others not so much.

One, is if we bend reality for a moment and I was a director with a few films under my belt, I had directed or written the third X-Men film

The process was long and the story idea changed numerous times. But after seeing First Class, I planned a final draft and hope others would find it worthy.

For the stuff I would keep: Kelsey Grammar as Beast, Beast intro and flipping from ceiling; President, Staff and McCoy discuss the hunt for Magneto.
Bill Duke as Secretary Bolivar Trask, Magneto building an army, Magneto destroying convoy, Jean becoming Phoenix, and the final battle of epic proportions.

My stuff: Cyclops, struggling with leadership role and feelings for Jean; Rogue begins getting a crush on newcomer Remy LeBeau/Gambit; Rogue gains new abilities (super strength, durability and flight; from delayed reaction of Magneto's machine in the first film; Plot Point Saved:cool:

For some of the following I took a shine to Michael Doughtery's planned X3 and found it a vast improvement. So, Jean becomes Phoenix and wants to end the war between mutants and humans on her own terms.

And for the antagonists other than Magento's brotherhood, one word:


Created by the massive robot MASTER MOLD, Dr. Valerie Cooper and Trask wish to use them as a police effort to contain the more hostile mutants.
Of course, we all know from Asimov's infamous tale what will happen.

I just wanted to get this out in the open. Please give opinions and questions about what I have planned:)

And I almost forgot the title X3 X-MEN THE FINAL JUDGMENT

The title means the X-Men finally being judged by others (viewers and readers) as becoming the full fledged team they are well known for.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    I liked X3. I thought the way they handled the new mutants was pretty good, and I thought the Phoenix storyline worked well. I also liked Wolverine. I thought his origin story was handled well as well. That said, I've never read the comics, and the only exposure I had to X-Men before the films was the Marvel vs. Capcom arcade games and a few episodes of the 90's cartoon series. But, as a casual watcher I thought they all worked well as films.
  • X3 had problems, but I disagree that the film is awful. It's tolerable. I'd even posit watchable, even if they did kill off too many characters and put Halle Berry in a lead role. WHO THE FUCK PUTS HALLE BERRY IN A LEAD ROLE? Idiots. Also, Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut? FAIL.

    But there were good elements about it. The ideas were there, and you have to admit - seeing the bridge moved and used to reach the island was pretty cool. And the intro scene in the Danger Room with the cannonball bit. And... Uh...
  • Darth Marsden;687614 said:
    I'd even posit watchable, even if they did kill off too many characters and put Halle Berry in a lead role. WHO THE FUCK PUTS HALLE BERRY IN A LEAD ROLE?
  • My point exactly.

    And who the fuck would buy Catwoman on Blu-Ray? I only picked up the DVD 'cause it was a pound (new)! Jesus!
  • I've never even seen it. I refuse.
  • You are a very wise man.

    (God I hope you're a man. I can never remember who's who in this place.)
  • To all who submit, I respect your decisions and I hope you will respect mine.

    Umm I was hopin anyone might be interested in what I might have planned for the third film.

    And I agree Halle Berry has indeed fallen from grace. I cast a replacement actor for the character of Storm

    Is Kerry Washington out of the question (Remember this is around 2005)
  • Johro;687566 said:
    I take slight offense to that.

    James Marsden got screwed, plain and simple

    Fox didn't allow him enough time between X3 and Superman.

    Plus, Cyclops needs some time in the light, Wolverine has gotten his fair share in the first two films.
  • It was a joke.

    It was interesting. Hey, you made a thread that lasted a day without being derailed by coolsome. It's a victory.
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