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Are the new books beyond bone and before bone any good?

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Also do they contain sketches and interviews from these books?
Special One-shots

* Bone: Holiday Special (Hero Premiere Edition)

(1993, Warrior Publications, 14 pages)

This was a Hero Premiere Edition bundled with Hero Illustrated magazine. It includes a short story where the Bone cousins celebrate Winter Solstice, Jeff Smith interview and sketches.

* Bone #13 1/2

(Jan 1995, Wizard, 28 pages)

This was a free comic book mail-in offer through Wizard Magazine. As was also common with Wizard Magazine comic offers, there was a special gold foil cover variant where the Bone title on the cover is embossed in gold foil. It came in a rigid mylar sleeve and a certificate of authenticity. There is a short story that fits in between #13 and #14 of the regular series, and is included in Bone Vol. 2: The Great Cow Race. This special also includes a Jeff Smith interview and sketches.

* Bone Sourcebook

(1995, Image Comics, 16 pages with wrap-around cover)

This was a free promotional book given out at 1995 San Diego Comic-con and it also polybagged with Wizard Mag. This sourcebook was published to celebrate the move of the BONE series from self-publishing to Image Comics, where it stayed for only 7 issues before Jeff Smith took it back to self-publishing.

It includes an Introduction by Jeff Smith & biography, character profiles, color poster by Jim Lee, story timeline, upcoming storyline, and shipping schedule.

* Bone #1 Tenth Anniversary Edition

(2001, Cartoon Books)

To celebrate it's 10th year anniversary, a special color edition of Bone #1 with was released with a free collectible Fone Bone PVC figure and a full color Phoney Bone Gazillion dollar bill. This special edition included a new cover, a new afterword by Jeff Smith, and an illustrated eight-page commentary by comics historian R.C. Harvey, and the original artwork was digitally remastered in full color.
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