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Extra-Life, fund-raising for kids.

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Hey guys. I just wanted to let you know I'm doing a fundraiser to where I will be sitting in my basement for 24 hours. Playing video games! To help raise money for kids.

If you donate five dollars. I will play a game of your choosing.(Providing I can find it or have it.)

If you donate ten dollars. I will play a horrible game of your choice! IE; Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde, Back to The Future(NES). Well you get the Idea.

Now I will be playing the games 4 hours each to try and get as many games as possible in. I will also update this thread and live streaming the event so..we can all see me twitch, groan and do all the things I do when I play games.

Here is also the link to my profile..where I will also put the schedule. Here you can find out more about the program. I am doing this on my own.

12am-4am Sims 3 on PS3.
4-8am Open
8am-12pm Open

Half Hour Lunch

8:30 to 11:59-Open
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