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Decisions really change the game? (1-3)

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I really like the atmosphere of the game. It really drags me into a story, which I do want to go further and know what's going on next.

Still I am a bit disappointed about a game, offering you different choices, but not having any different gameplay as result.
The story is the story. It's going on ahead. Whatever decision I take - It does not affect the plot, but more importantly - it does not affect the cast (on a long term run).
I do know, that this would be more expensive to acheive. Still I do not see ANY affect of the decisions I take, which takes away a lot of the fun/the reason why I'm playing.

What do you think?
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  • fair enough, 6510. Still sometimes decision/plot combination do not make sense (at least up to now for me).
    Let's see - maybe all is comming back. ;-)
  • TomDing wrote: »
    fair enough, 6510. ...
    You are trying to be mean...

    Syntax error in 10. Will not compute... :D
  • The choices affect your relationship with characters, mainly LIlly or Kenny. Scenes play out in different ways depending on if the present character likes you or not and you get different dialouge depending on who likes you as well. The main spots, like going to the dairy or getting on the train for the coast all happen regardless because TTG is telling us a story that needs to go in a certain direction and have a certain end. The way you get there though, varies a little bit depending on player input.
  • All of the accumulated decisions will come together in episode 4. Or so I've heard.
  • From what I've gathered is that episode 1-3 choices, will have a big impact on episodes 4-5 in the way people expected. Makes sense cause near the end of the story there is less to account for in the future, so bigger branch-changing choices are easier to do. This is of course if both Lee and Clem are not both the center of the story in season two, if they are then the they can't have to many varying endings withing making Season 2 much harder to make.
  • Like I have been saying all along, episodes 4 and 5 will put a much heavier influence on choices because there is a lot less worrying about future development and two completely different storylines. I think it will be awesome if there are multiple endings (in epi 5) but you get there in different ways if you know what I mean. But as for the choices carrying over from epi 1-3, I can guarantee there will be no significance. Why? Because half the group you met in the last half of episode 3. Kenny and Lees relationship has always been on the rocks regardless. Lee has always looked out for clem, and ben is ben. The only thing I might see carry over is Ben telling us he was the thief, then again that wasnt a choice.
  • Do they change "the game"? Yes, the decisions provide different scenes.

    Does it effect the story in a meaningful way? Not really.

    How cool would be if in Episode 1 you either stayed and protected the gas station OR went with a group to hunt? Either scenario provides multiple opportunities with interactions between characters, zombies, bandits, whatever. Either way you end up at the same point.

    If nothing else it would add more replayability.

    There should also be disposable characters. Ones that don't do much but you could influence which dies in what order. There could be 5 people, 1 dies an episode, but it doesn't really matter which as they are very minor characters. Would add something at least.
  • Apparently none of you played mass effect, im hoping this will be different as ive seen alot of branching dialogue through 3 playthroughs of TWD, and some varied scenes. But alot of what you guys are saying, about how its easier to branch out your choices in the last games because they are no more games to adapt the choices from, well yeh go and read what the developers from bioware said - exactly what you are saying - and then play mass effect 3. The same ending for everyone, pretty much the same dialogue.

    You can argue that it was rushed which it most likeley was being from EA and all, and that the game was unlikely to deliver on the promises give the hype, i hope i wont have the same bitter taste in my mouth come the end of episode 5, i will keep an open mind.

    Edit : Forgot to add something else, the point is dont get your hopes up, dont go into it all hyped and just enjoy what they actually do, if you dont it will ruin your perception of Telltale.
  • I think Clementine is going to be affected by all of your choices in the end. But yeah replaying the game makes it feel like your choices don't matter much
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    Please dig out the n-page "limited choices discussion" thread for this. Thank you.
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