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Change a characters death, but unavoidably cause someone else to die.

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Lets say that hypothetically that Telltale gives the choice after completing all the episodes to go back and change/stop a death but due to Newton's Third law; "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction" someone else must replace that person death.

What this basically means is that if you save a person, someone who is in the same area must die to replace that persons death. So lets say you save Carley, as a result at random;
- Ben could be shot
- Lily could be stopped but shoots herself in the process
- Kenny could move in the way and get shot
- Duck or Katjaa could be hit by a stray bullet.

One of those 5 must die right there and then for saving Carley but you don't know who. For Larry either Kenny or Lily must die. etc etc.

You can expand your thinking on some situations so for the Doug/Carley scene you can save both but that would mean one of the people outside the Pharmacy would die by going the wrong way etc etc.

Note: Clem, Lee and Walking Dead tv stars will have plot shields meaning that they are unaffected by your choice and can not die.

So would you like to see something like this at the end? Whose death would you change? Or would you not change it because of the possible consequences?
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  • No, then everyone would just save the person they favor, then reload until it's only Duck that dies. Then there'd be the "optimal" game where Lily and Carley survive at the expense of the loudmouth kid.

    I'd rather have no choice than be able to play god and min/max my experience. Where's the tragedy in an exploitable outcome?
  • I would of course save Carley, give Lilly a slap that she should calm down and well if Christa ever dies I would sacrifice the life from Lee. :D

    So the ending would be Charlie's Angels and his daughter ;) lol
  • so far it's bring carley back

    what a suprise.......
  • i would trade a carley, a doug and a ben for a duck, and also a lilly for a katjaa
  • if its a unavoidable death i'd just stick with who died first.
  • Carley lives.

    Ben grows a backbone for a half second and shoves her out of the way, only to take it in the back of the head.
  • For me I would save Carley and take either Lily or Ben down... Preferably Lilly, as only a coward would shoot somebody while their back is turned, but Ben would be a close second, as he caused the whole situation to begin with.
  • At the RV scene, I'd just walk up to Ben and tell him to leave, and if that doesn't satisfy Lilly, then Lilly can leave to. A potential problem here though is that Lilly is a comic character and has to leave our group at some point which narrows the possibilities, since I'm guessing that the game designers wanted her to leave with some drama.

    What I'd like more than anything else though is a way to save Mark, but I can't think of one. Maybe following Kenny's advice of going Rambo on the place will let you get to Mark's room before the St. Johns hack his legs off? Poor Mark.
  • Katjaa goes to commit suicide and a stray bullet shows up out of nowhere, killing Duck (or it has amazing aim and hits a random woodbury citizen/Lilly post-prison, that'd be good too).

    Problem solved!
  • So many people like Carley because she's got boobs. That's about the only reason folks. Damn intelligence, resourcefulness, usefulness, and common sense. Carley has boobs.
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