Curse of Monkey Island FanDub

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Hi Everyone! I just wanted to let Monkey Island Fans know that I'm trying to put together a Monkey Island FanDub. Currently casting LeChuck for a Curse of Monkey Island FanDub. No other Roles are being cast at the present time. There is no Deadline for this,
I'm basically searching until I find a suitable voice. This is a swashbuckling, pirate-loving FanDub. Video/Script is complete.


Voice Print:
(Around 6:09)

Line 1: By my congealed blood, you’ll learn to love me! Sail with me and I’ll make ya queen of the dead!
Line 2: Blast be yer hair, woman! Can’t you see that this salty old sea-corpose pines for yer gentle caress?


All the Audition Dialog is also in that YouTube Video. Send your Audition to


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    Well, good luck with your project.... but.... um... doesn't COMI *already* have a voice soundtrack?!
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    Yes it does, it has a wonderful Voice Cast, but YouTube is a large place in which many people do Dubs on series and games that already have a voice-over cast. I just think it'd be a fun thing to do.
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