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So... about the St. John's Brothers

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Who actually killed them/ let them live? And why? :p

I killed Danny because he is a sick fuck. thinking Lee's group will eat him after he is killed, and I killed Andy because she pulled Clementine's hair, & like in the trailer Lee said "... is gonna end up dead."
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  • well this has been discussed but, in my definition killing either was just plain murder and i don't want to be a part of murder, so i didn't personally kill them
  • I killed both of them...their fates were sealed when I saw my bro Mark crawling on the ground without his legs. Poor Mark.:(
  • Well, I killed Danny after he gave me that very convincing speech, with the whole "I know, you can do it! I seen you do it in the woods! Strike me down, give in to your hatred!". I also killed Jolene, and helped kill Larry in the meat locker. When I beat Andy and saw the whole group looking at me, I felt like a murderer actually. Shot Jolene as soon as I could, helped with Larry, pitchforked Danny, drove Brenda into a walker's arms. I might have killed him if not for shooting Jolene, and Clem seeing me kill Danny after he said I was just like him or wahtever in the barn. As it was, I felt I had spilled more than enough blood and elected to leave him to whatever fate seemed best to him. I knew he probably wouldn't come back.
  • I killed both brothers. Reason was because they murdered a friend of mine (Mark) and served him up for chow. I think the punishment fit the crime.
  • Left them both for the walkers. No need to bloody my hands when the walkers can do it for me.
  • Left them for the walkers and zombie-mummy Brenda ;)
  • I killed them both. Thought about leaving them for the walkers but decided to eliminate the possibility of 2 additional walkers instead.
  • I left them alive. There is a difference between killing those people out of anger and punishing them after they had been beaten. That said, I was extremely disappointed that karma killed them off. Their fate should have been decided by a group decision instead.

    Leaving them on their own was not an option, in my mind. If we had just walked off and nothing further had happened I would have rewound my game to kill them off because there was no way I was going to let murderers like that keep the farm, the fence, the weapons and let the remaining two brothers keep on finding victims to kill off. They had to be stopped

    If we had decided to destroy their fence and set off some additional noise so the walkers would come, however, that would have been an okay punishment. I also would have voted to execute them, had it come to that. In the absence of the courts, having my group judge and sentence him is as close to a fair trial as they would get. Not that they weren't completely guilty but it's the spirit of the thing. There is a right way and a wrong way to kill these people.

    Plus, doing it this way would have given another moral decision. After all, making them prisoners wasn't a real option. The game should have had teh courage to tackle the question of what to do when you have captured unrepentant serial killers instead of letting the players "keep their hands clean" and letting karma do the dirty work. It's kind of a cop-out for a seriously minded game that deals with choice, like this one.
  • I left them alive. Killing Danny would have made me just as bad as him/them, so I didn't do it. I didn't shoot Jolene either, and left Andy to be taken care of by the walkers. I figured that's a bigger punishment than killing them myself.
  • I didn't kill them. There had already been enough bloodshed in the meat locker. As for Andy, he wanted to die, so I just left him there.
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