I can't Find Bosco's Father

Where Do I Find Bosco's Father on season 2 episode 4 But I Know he is in the white house


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    Here are some hints to get you on the right track. The last hint gives the puzzle away completely:
    Superball's the only person you meet in the White House.
    You need to get a spit sample from him. How can you make him spit?
    He drinks a lot of water, maybe surprising him will make him do a spit take.
    He respects the President a lot. Can you show him something shocking about the President?
    Look in the display cases at Stinky's restaurant.
    Use the screwdriver with the display case holding the letter from the President. Sam will pick up the letter. Give the letter to Superball and watch his reaction.
    Did you notice what Superball did with the envelope when he read the letter?
    Use the chemical sampler on the envelope in the white house.
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    while normal people are not!
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    while normal people are not!
    We are lazy and terrible people who can not be bothered to venture to the help forums. Shame on us!
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