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One thing you like about each main character

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I genuinely like every character from the game. On a whole, I find them to be compelling and to some degree likable in their own way. I may rant on some choices they make, but Telltale has been smart in making them not just bad people because of that. So it can bug me a bit when people latch onto one character the most and use them to snipe at anyone who disagrees that they are not the best character (Carley and Doug fanboys are as guilty as anyone else).

So let's take a moment and think of something we each like about the lead characters. I'd love to see what people find interesting about each character and it gives us chance to be fair.

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  • You know most people are sadden by Carley's death (Lesser extend to Doug), but Mark's death hit me more. I dunno if it was just that I expected Carley or Doug to die soon, but with Mark they really make him out as a good guy who will have Lee's back anytime, kinda like Shawn seemed in Episode 1. If I could bring back only one person who has died it would be him.
  • LEE - Quietly confident.
    CLEMENTINE - Observant and mischievous.
    KENNY - A BBQ & beers kinda guy, would make a good neighbor.
    LILLY - I like the fact that she's gone.
    KATJAA - Trustworthy.
    DUCK - Bubbly enthusiasm.
    LARRY - Gone!
    CARLEY - Direct.
    Ben - Puppy dumb, with promise.
    DOUG - Sincere.
    MARK - Eager to please.
    CHUCK - Easygoing.
    OMID - Friendly.
    CHRISTA - Genuinely concerned about Clem.
  • Things I like/dislike

    Like - Still in the world of the living.
    Dislike - Wasn't able to successfully kill off Clementine

    Like - Can't die because she has super powers!
    Dislike - Couldn't kill a zombie in episode 3. *hence how she got eaten in the first place*

    Like - That I'll be killing him off ASAP!
    Dislike - Have not been able to kill him yet.

    Like - Psychotic, in my age range and lonely. Father did have his head seasoned after all. *Licks fingers* "Mmm. braiiiins!"
    Dislike - Drove off and left me with the rat-pack.

    Like - Was able to kill herself. One less in the group. Trimmed the fat.
    Dislike - Could have done it sooner. Wasted so much food on her.

    Like - He's dead.
    Dislike - More waste of precious resources.

    Like - Demeanor and over-all attitude.
    Dislike - He's dead. Though I did tell him to calm down. If he'd been alive perhaps Lilly and Carley would still be around.

    Like - My age range, good with a gun.
    Dislike - She's "dead". She was a hypocrite. (Told me to never tell anyone about my murdering ways in episode 1 then said that it would be the best thing to do later on.)

    Like - Will be killing him as soon as possible
    Dislike - Not allowed to kill him yet. Couldn't push him off the train. Couldn't fess up to being a traitor. He. Is. Still. Breathing!

    Like - Good with electronics
    Dislike - Thought he was bulletproof.

    Like - He brought us food!
    Dislike - Didn't get to eat him. *stomach grumbles*

    Like - Nothing
    Dislike - Can't trust him. Too bossy and Mr. Know-it-all.

    Like - Unsure, Will wait until EP 4.
    Dislike - He's hurt. Hey, he wouldn't jump so I had to push him. *shrugs*

    Like - My age range! Could use to help re-populate humanity.
    Dislike - Unsure yet, Will wait till the next episode. Might not like being Eve to my Adam.
  • LEE
    Like - Smart, Clumsy, keeps the group together, and can be a comedian.
    Dislike - Can be slow to react.

    Like - Innocent as hell
    Dislike - May not be able to make it to the end.

    Like - Wouldn't put anybody who was not already in danger in danger on purpose, honest too.
    Dislike - Quick to take action without much consideration.

    Like - Was good at managing the group and taught the group how to shoot really well, she would have made a good leader.
    Dislike - Took the angry demeanor from her dad.

    Like - Good physician, trustworthy, and cares a lot about the people around her
    Dislike - Doesn't want/try to be involved with much at all.

    Like - Doesn't mope around and stays cheery.
    Dislike - Can easily get in the way sometimes.

    Like - Direct as all hell, he doesn't try to be your friend when he obviously has something against you, its a shame hes gone, even though he had something against you the fact that he came to your rescue/backed off of you in ep2 if you gave him food and told Mark that you were just protecting Clementine meant that he wasn't likely to try to kill you again, also he probably did care for Clementine.
    Dislike - Although he'll help you, he'll back off of you, and he may not try to kill you again, if he lived you'd have never been able to get on good terms with him, also very negative, aggressive, and angry, and not just to Lee.

    Like - Good shot, good person, good help, always takes action when you need it, cares for everyone around her, and really just a asset.
    Dislike - ...batterys

    Like - Hes young.
    Dislike - Useless and quick to make mistakes, naive too.

    Like - Wishes that you'd have chose Carley instead of him, caring about others around him, just like Carley, and a Asset.
    Dislike - He doesn't try to be as involved as Carley does, and doesn't take much serious either.

    Like - Overall nice guy.
    Dislike - Can't stand up to anyone without backing out.

    Like - He cares about Clem and Ben
    Dislike - He doesn't care what he says to Clem or Ben.

    Like - He seems like a really good sort, really reminiscent of Mark too.
    Dislike - He seems a little scared easily and jokes at bad times.

    Like - Shes not afraid to speak her mind, no matter how rude/mean it may be, that's a valuable trait.
    Dislike - She's too distant to try to share her past.
  • As requested by the thread title, I am focusing on likes

    LEE - He is the one I directly control, so I usually like the decisions he makes ;)

    CLEMENTINE - She's small and can fit in tight spaces

    KENNY - He can fix stuff

    LILLY - Long term planner, disciplined soldier (before she snapped)

    KATJAA - She's dead

    DUCK - See above

    LARRY - I actually respected his instinct to protect his daughter

    CARLEY - Good shot

    Ben - He will make excellent walker bait

    DOUG - I liked how resourceful he was

    MARK - He was just pleasant

    CHUCK - Theoretically he has life experience

    OMID - Walker bait

    CHRISTA - shows promise as a pragmatic leader.
  • LEE - All round nice guy, always polite and honest

    CLEMENTINE - Doesnt get in my way and is always happy to help. Cheers me up aswell.

    KENNY - Just trying to save his family and he and my Lee are bros aswell. He also has a awesome moustache.

    LILLY - Um, she gave Clem hairbands so she's not all bad i guess. :P

    KATJAA - Good person, didnt start any fights and was a good medic

    DUCK - Robin, nuff said.

    LARRY - I admired his determination to protect his daughter

    CARLEY - She and Lee trusted each other and she always had faith he would do the right thing. She's also a really good shot.

    Ben - Doesnt start any fights, and unlike most, i dont blame him for the bandit deal.

    DOUG - And all round sincere, honest and pleasant guy.

    MARK - Good person, seemed pretty understanding. Was also tough, didnt even complain that much with an arrow in his shoulder :D

    CHUCK - Seems pretty friendly, gave some (hopefully) non-dodgy candy to Ben and Clem. Also plays the guitar

    OMID - Friendly and likes history like i do.

    CHRISTA - Seems to honestly care about Clem
  • Even if it sounds like I hate someone in this post, everything I say is what makes me like the character in question, so:

    LEE: He's got a sweet background (Hostory Professor) that makes him seem like a realistic person caught up in the world's biggest shitstorm. And that beard he has going is pretty cool to look at. Finally, his voice is just HEAVENLY. Dave Fennoy was the perfect vocie actor for our hero.

    CLEMENTINE: She's our moral compass, the one that hold the most sway over our choices. When we see her, we're reminded that there's something worth fighting for and a reason to retain our humanity.

    KENNY: Awesome mustache, hat and mullet combo make him an awesome redneck. The way he's changed from Episode 1 to the Episode 4 trailer has been a real treat as well. Going from a good man in Episode 1, slowly inching ever closer to the dark side in Episode 2, until by the start of Episode 3 he is a cold-hearted survivalist willing to let anyone he doesn't know/like die to save the ones he cares about. Then he loses his family and his only reason to go on, realizing that in the end, all of the atrocious things he has done since the dead rose have been for nothing. I really can't wait to see where he goes in Episode 4.

    LILLY: She is a control freak in my game, who wants everyone to follow her orders. Her constant blowing up on me and Kenny for our choices (trying to save Ben and his friends in particular), and her no bullshit attitude gave me and Kenny something to unite against and become good friends. The way she changes after Larry's death and gets closer and closer to the edge until she went over was really great to see.

    KATJAA: A pretty good medic for our group, and she loved her son and husband dearly. She was a pretty good person who just couldn't adapt to a world in ruins.

    DUCK: Swell little kid who helped us solve the Motor-Inn Mystery. He meant so much to Kenny it was heartbreaking to see him and Kat go.

    LARRY: When we met him, it seems like he was what Kenny has become. He lost everything and him putting Lilly above everyone else made me feel for the guy, but not enough to forget about trying to kill me. He proved to be a good foil for Lee, and some of his one-liners were pure gold.

    CARLEY: By my count, she saved Lee's life at least 4 times. She was a dead-eye shot and trusted Lee enough to keep his secret from the group. They were almost happy together.

    BEN: He's a teenager, like me. That's where our similarities end. The fact that he's also a good ol' fashioned coward makes him AS A CHARACTER IN A STORY cool in my book, but as a person really needs to step back and take a look at himself.

    DOUG: He and Lee have a bromance almost as cool as Lee and Kenny if you side with him. He's a pretty smart, funny, and heroic guy who deserved better than he got in the end.

    MARK: He used to be a survivor like us, but... He and Lee seemed to be pretty good friends, and he helped out around the motel pretty regularly with his hunting and fixing the wall. Too bad he wasn't a better shot.

    CHUCK: Provies wisdom, music, and depression numbing alcohol. His guitar skills are pretty awesome, and the way that he tells it how it is makes me trust him. Hopefully, he can procure some more hootch for me and mah boy Kenny.

    OMID: Likes southern history, was crazy enough to let me dangle him over an overpass to cut some metal. He seems to be a bit energetic.

    CHRISTA: I'd trust her to care for Clem if something ever happened to me, but we haven't had as much time to see her character develop as anyone elses'. She seems to be prety level headed though, and I'm fairly certain she could hold her own when the shit hits the fan again.
  • LEE: The player is him unless the particular player hates him/herself.
    CLEMENTINE: Nothing wrong with her.
    KENNY: He is the arrogant version of Rick Grimes
    LILLY: She looks cute and that's it.
    KATJAA: Nothing wrong with her.
    DUCK: He is a zombie
    LARRY: He is dead.
    CARLEY: Good at gun.
    Ben: I don't think he is evil by nature.
    DOUG: Don't know because I save Carley. He seems to be very good at tech though.
    MARK: He seems sincere.
    CHUCK: Alcohol
    OMID: Glen 2.0
    CHRISTA: She is not evil by nature.
  • LEE: Has a cool background, cool voice, sounds like a mild-mannered but no-nonsense person when you're not controlling his responses.
    CLEMENTINE: She saved me twice so she's automatically on my cool list. Plus, she put a bug on Duck's pillow.
    KENNY: He was a helping hand in Episode 1, and tried to protect Duck and Katjaa to the utmost of his ability. If he stops leaving me to die, I'm sure we can be bros.
    LILLY: For the most part, I thought she was a good and sensible leader until Larry died.
    KATJAA: Probably would've been a good medic for the group. *sigh*
    DUCK: I couldn't have cared less for him in the first 2 episodes, but I'm one those saps that started liking him in the 3rd. I'll always remember Robin.
    LARRY: I think he genuinely cared for Lilly and Clementine, and he does try to save you at the start of episode 2 when the teacher turns. He was also actually civil with Brenda so he's not a jerk all the time...just most of it.
    CARLEY: Saved Lee, Clem, Kenny, and his family in the first episode so I liked her from the start, even if she can't use technology.
    BEN: plot-shields?
    DOUG: Can use technology, seemed laid-back and cool but I didn't do a play-through with him yet.
    MARK: A true bro!
    CHUCK: Can play a tune.
    OMID: Funny and knows Civil War history, so he can't be bad, right?
    CHRISTA: Seems to have a good survivalist mindset, though I suspect that'll be put to the test in the next episode.
  • LEE- In spite of player choices, I find Lee a strong, intelligent and no-nonsense leader at his very core. Plus, he has that awesome voice!

    CLEMENTINE- The moral core of the story and a very wise character for her age on a whole

    KENNY- Probably the most morally complex character of the group. With each new episode, we see how what genuinely good desires and qualities he has conflict with his impulsive and sometimes irrational behavior. It makes it more interesting to figure out what makes him tick.

    LILLY- She was a strong and well intentioned leader for most of the game. Even with her harsher moments, you knew she was motivated by helping her father and keeping the group safe.

    KATJAA- A very caring and loving individual. She may not have spoken out much, but she was the right kind of passive force working to protect the children and keep people at peace.

    DUCK- While he may have gotten in the way at times, his optimism and plainness was refreshing.

    LARRY- A total jerk at times, but one motivated by loss and fear of further loss. He also had some of the game's best one-liners for his two episodes.

    CARLEY- Direct, empathetic and trustworthy from the get-go

    BEN- Genuinely desires to be of some use to the group, though his naivety and poor judgment often gets in the way

    DOUG- A genuinely good person. He never attempts to be confrontational and he aspires to be helpful to the group.

    MARK- Similar to Doug. For what little we got to know of him, he always struck me as someone trustworthy and genuinely friendly.

    CHUCK- While his methods are questionable at times (just telling kids they are going to die unless the buck up), he is a no-nonsense character who seems to use whatever wisdom he has picked up being homeless to benefit Lee and the group.

    OMID- A bit dopey and ignorant, but he means well and he cares for Christa's safety.

    CHRISTA- A tad too cold for my liking, but you start to see that she means well despite how she voices it
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