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if Carley was a nerd and Doug was a crack shot

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if Carley was a nerd and Doug was a crack shot and had a gun, would you have saved different people in your first game?

i was thinking about a sort of personality swap but more as a background to the reason why they have the skills they have, they would still have the same family and history but have swapped careerer paths

Doug would know your secret he is the reporter and he saves you with his gun, Carley would programme the remote etc.
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  • Yeah, I'd save Doug instead of Carley if he was the crack shot, assuming he becomes the one that saves Lee's group when they first arrive in Macon. Otherwise, it could still depend on how the episode plays out, but if I don't owe either for saving me then I'm picking the better shot.
  • tbh, first time I've played (and only time, so far), I didn't realise I couldn't save both. I thought if I was quick enough or something, I could toss Carley her bag, grab Doug, and Carley could help shoot zombies around Doug.

    So now I know I can't, I don't know. After knowing this stuff, I would have likely chosen carley, because she can shoot. (without using reasons further in the game)
  • Hard to say, neither quality came to mind when I went to save Doug. I saved Doug because he seemed like a good person while Carley annoyed me every time we talked. If it was a full personality swap, then yes it would be Carley... and incredibally similar to one of the late decisions in Mass Effect 1...
  • Nope. Reason I saved Doug is because of his situation at the choice moment. If it was Carley that blocked the 4 walkers from coming inside with her spine and Doug was the one who couldn't get a single zombie off his foot I would have saved Carley.
  • Doug would still be screwed.

    That little bit of trust Carley showed Lee in the office went a long way with me.
  • No because i save doug beacause bro's before hoe's
  • Tomi021;689173 said:
    No because i save doug beacause bro's before hoe's
    OMG i didn't realise "bro's before hoe's" could be used as the opposite to "women and children first" :)
  • Hmm... maybe. Thing is though, I tend to get attached more easily to female characters than males. I'm a girl myself, so I guess it's because I can relate to them. :P
  • If Carley is still a reporter and all the usual scenes play, except its doug shooting the gun and what not, I would probably still choose Carley for being trustworthy.
  • thats a hard one. but id have to go with Carley.
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