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Generic 'Telltale should make...' thread

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Was this ever discussed as a potential license? The book series is immensely popular and I guess the license isn't too expensive since the TV series bombed. The stories contain quite a bit of detective work and therefore could probably easily adapted into a computer game, probably as a kind of side story to the ongoing story arc - I mean, there are tons of novellas and short stories already.
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  • Evil Dead would make a good game.
  • THQ did three Evil Dead games complete with Bruce Campbell voicing Ash, and a Commodore 64 game was made by Palace Software
  • This... is my BOOMSTICK!!!
  • What a very large string of no avatars...
  • Spaceballs: The Video Game

    In the words of Mel Brooks, “This is where the real money from the movie is made!”


    Could also work.

    John Carpenter’s Halloween

  • I truly think a Dracula games based on the Lugosi film would work super well! Spaceballs.....maybe
  • Indiana Jones and the Claws of the Dragon

    The year is 1943.
    While excavating for ancient Chinese artifacts in a series of caves outside of Shanghai, Indy discovers a certain clue that eventually reveals the existence of a mythical lost artifact that could destroy anything it’s wielder wished. Soon after this discovery, Indy goes to Hong Kong to find another clue to the location of the artifact. While in Hong Kong, he is captured by Klaus Schielman, a very powerful German official, who reveals to have had a mole within the the excavation. He wishes to claim the “Dragon’s Claws” for Hitler so that they may use it to destroy their enemies and win World War II. They take Indy as a captive so that they may force him to help find the Dragon’s Claws, seeing as how he is an esteemed archaeologist. The trail of clues lead to Japan, deep into the lion’s den, to India, where Indy makes his great escape from the Germans, to Beijing, where Indy ends up with a new “flame” and into Lao Che, and finally to a mythical lost temple deep underneath China, where a battle of epic proportions occurs between Indy, Schielman, and a ferocious fire-breathing dragon.
  • Not a bad Idea but I will say the Dragon at the end might be way to much! If anything it should be a fire breathing statue or something of that nature.
  • Shouldn’t it be appropriate for a dragon to protect the Claws of the Dragon?
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