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This...this is a masterpiece!

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Ok I just finished Episode 1 and all I have to say is WOW!

Did I enjoy it?Of course!Did I like the fact that it's not a typical kill-all-zombies fest thing?Of course!

The choices you make,the time you have to make them,the characters...I just love this game!

I know it's still in the beginning but I already care for the characters.Few games captivated my attention that well and made me feel like I'm in there.

The only complaint I have is that Episode 1 was too short.I mean it's ok for an episode if there's gonna be a season two,but I thought it would be bigger.Just like the first episode of Tales of Monkey Island.

But as a zombie movie and games enthusiast I must tell you that I LOVED this game already!

Well done Telltale.Well done guys.
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  • Foinikas;687153 said:
    Although I think Larry is annoying know...I think that he's a 100% necessary character in the story,because if everyone gets along with everyone then it wouldn't be that interesting or realistic.
    Just download and play the next two episodes. You're in for a wild ride.

    And stay out of any threads with spoilers. Seriously.
  • I'm trying.I already saw some major spoilers about Carley and I didn't like that...but as soon as I get some money I will probably download the next two episodes and wait for the DVD version to come out in December or so to play the rest of the episodes.
  • I loved episode 1 too it was a great episode of a videogame of Walking Dead. I have yet to play episode 2 and 3 like the topic creator also mentioned.

    But episode 4 comes out on the 9th and 10th and there is a 2nd season coming out.

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  • I was just playing Episode 2 and if you could just see my facial expressions...there were at least 3 times where I cought myself standing speechless with my mouth open thinking "What the heck?!!"

    This is really one of the best games I have ever played...
  • Yes it trutly is an amazing game and to me, the most emotional and best game I have ever played. Now you just need to play the rest of the game.
  • Well, if you're just playing the first episode, you have 3 more to go, so if anything, congratulations on not having to wait the agonizing months to find out what happens next. Although ep5 is still a ways off.
  • I finished Episode 4 last night.They were all amazing.This game is really awesome.It's a masterpiece.
  • yes it is beautifully done story with great moments thrown everywhere. This game got me back into games because I just figured games are for kids but this game was made specifically for this big grown up kid and I love it:p
  • Snape kills dumbledore!
  • Just downloaded the 5th episode tonight and although I haven't finished it yet...I have to say it for one more time...this game is a masterpiece!!!
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