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You're trapped in a hallway and...

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There's a walker the size of Larry slowly approaching you. You have no weapons, just a kitten and a little puppy following you. The key is in his back pocket...what da yaaaa do? I think episode 5 will be the darkest and this will be one of the decisions. One of the hardest decisions in the entire game if you don't mind me adding.
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  • I've owned both cats and dogs. If I had no other choice, I would sacrifice the cat because the dog would be more useful to alert me in the future of walkers.
  • I'll sacrifice the poll, doesn't make any sense to me. I will not sacrifice myself, but how should I choose between a youngling or a youngling? No way!
  • Cats > Dogs.

    Sorry pup, I need that key and I love that kitten, so... yeeeahh.
  • I'm totally a dog guy, even own a dog grooming biz.. knowing dog's, I sacrificed the puppy.. barking will attract walkers.
  • Prefer kittens over puppies, so pooch is becoming zombie chow.
  • Sorry kitty, puppy and I will grow to be a Mad Max-esque partnership. Just hopefully we don't run into any bandits with crossbows.
  • i would use the animals as a distraction but not just feed them to the zombie, then just get behind him and grab the keys, remember zombies are stupid and slow so it's no big deal to pickpocket a zombie
  • Puppy or kitten? both are useless but at least a puppy has the potential to grow into something useful,as a farmer I definitely value the worth of a dog a lot more than a cat.

    A dog could become a guard dog,a fighting dog, a sniffer dog(for supplies) and would also be valuable for carrying some of those supplies. Dogs would also keep up with you, a damn cat would have to carried. It also depends which breed of dog, one of my border collies would be a lot more useful than my hyperactive and noisy Jack Russell terrier.

    Sorry cat lovers but cats are too independent and worthless for a ZA.
  • Sorry but the dog has more potential. I'm picturing a little German shepherd, growing up and then fighting the bandits with me. I'm picturing the dog from I Am Legend. :D
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