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Would you open the door?

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This is a thread that I've posted in another forum I am as well,but basically the question is this:

Say that you are in a secured room or safe house and there are monsters out there.In our case I guess zombies.It's dangerous.Somebody knocks on the door and asks you to open the door!He's probably hunted by zombies.

He can be a complete stranger or a dear person.But hunted by zombies.

Would you open the door?
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  • family or friend yes, anybody else no.
    but that's if i cant see what the situation is outside, if i could it would depend on how they looked and how far away the zombies were
  • You don't know how far away they are,you just know that they are hunting the person.
  • Foinikas wrote: »
    You don't know how far away they are,you just know that they are hunting the person.

    if i don't know how far away they are or if the person is bitten then i assume they (the zombies) are to close and they could be bitten so it isn't worth the risk, unless it was friends or family then it is worth the risk
  • girl or guy? i consider this relevant.

    ugly and fat girl or guy? :rolleyes:

    I promise I wont judge you... :p
  • HELL NO! Survival at all costs for my group, screw anybody out there
  • If I can't see what's going on outside, I'm keeping the door shut.

    Walkers could be right behind him for all we know.
  • Hell, if this was one of Romero's movies, the guy might be a walker himself. Keep the door shut.
  • That person is zombie chow
  • Depends on how far into the crisis we are. I know if they could knock, they could at least have the decency to yell (assuming they knew it was me in there and knew me) "Hey, it's me, [friend name/mom/dad]" lol.
    I wish I could say that I probably wouldn't open it, but fundamentally I'm too good sometimes. I would probably open the door regardless.
    My husband says that it would depend on how they knew someone was wherever we are, and how early on it was. The more early on, the more likely he'd let someone in, because they're less likely to be sharks. He said the first month of the crisis is going to be the best time to find people. Plus, if they've lived through the first month, they're probably good assets.
  • I wouldn't open the door. I'd stay silent until he would probably get the message that no one is inside the house.
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