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Questions for the Walking Dead team!

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Hey guys, I know it's still early days on this project, and we're a ways off from talking about anything concrete, but it seemed like as good a time as any to start an official Q&A thread!

In all honesty there isn't a lot we can talk about yet -- we were going to do press for the game at PAX East last month, but held off when we realized that our answer to almost any conceivable standard press question would be "no comment, yet" -- but I trust you guys to rise above the standard questions, and come up with some Walking Dead stuff we can discuss, so have at it. Ask away!
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  • Hi I have already made a thread.
    I would love it if you increase the difficulty of the game.
  • Is the main plot line of the game and future episodes set in stone or are you guys sort of adapting it as you go along? Also was the main plot of episodes 1-3 exactly as you planned them from the start of development?

    Sorry if the questions had already been asked, I'm too busy (and lazy) to look through previous pages. Thanks for making a great game and having this thread btw.
  • are you going guys to release some posters of the game ?
    cuz i really want it
  • Will there be a season 2 of The Walking Dead game, with a new love interest for Lee and survivors from this season making an appearance from this season to the next? because I would keep Omid and/or his girlfriend
  • 1. Will you guys be releasing some game posters? Individual character posters, posters with two-three characters in them such as Lee and Clem, Katjaa Duck and Kenny, Lee and Carley, Lilly and Larry, some scene posters, etc? I would LOVE to buy them, and definitely would and put them on my room to let anyone who walks in know that I'm a proud Walking Dead game fan! ^^ I've grown so attached to this game and it's characters.
    2. Can we be expecting references in ep 4 and 5 to those who died/left in ep 3? Carley, Doug, Katjaa, Duck, and Lilly. Having chosen Carley on my playthrough, I miss her so much, and I miss Katjaa and Duck so much too. Doug references for the Doug fans who deserve theirs too, and I honestly hate Lilly yet it feels so different without her. I might have hated her, but she's a fantastic character. I hope we'll be getting some references!
  • This question may have been asked before (and if it has could someone bring me up to speed?) but:

    Whenever TellTale finishes a season we have the option to purchase a boxed copy. As per the recent announcement, the Walking Dead is no different. Some may consider it a given at this point but *just* to make sure, can we expect some extra goodies to come in the package (be it concept art, behind the scenes, whatever) just like other series?

    On that same note, people who purchase a season can get access to exclusive offers like the Tales of Monkey Island Standard DVD for the price of shipping. I may be asking the wrong people and/or you guys may not be able to say yet but if I purchased the season on a console will I have access to at the very least similar deals? Or is this a PC exclusive thing?
  • So far, there is only a plan to have a later retail release, which will be separate. No news on a collector DVD.
  • Are you thinking of making another story telling zombie style game? :)
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    MarkDarin Telltale Staff
    EMDBear;689442 said:
    Are you thinking of making another story telling zombie style game? :)
    Not at the moment. The Walking Dead is giving us to tell an amazing story in a Zombie infested world, and for the moment we are happy exploring that to the fullest! But if you really want more Telltale zombie goodness, there is always Sam & Max Episode 203: Night of the Raving Dead!
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