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Interactive Story Thread - Write The Story, just like the game!

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Ok so basically read the rules BEFORE writing! Its pretty self explanatory (once the thread gets going) but you are limited to THREE sentences. Other forums I am apart of have had a lot of fun with something like this. Mods: if this is in the wrong section, feel free to move/delete





4) NO KILLING OF LEE OR CLEM, feel free to off anyone else though

So we will see how it goes, since TWD is a M rated game lets try to be mature about this! Anyways so the story will pick off right where the game itself ended which is Lee hearing the mysterious mans voice over Clems walkie talkie. So to start off I will say:

After hearing the unknown voice on the other end of the walkie talkie, lee was shocked. Looking at Kenny, Lee didnt know what to do. They were about 3 hours out of their destination.

-Wake up Clementine, and let her explain
-Play with the walkie talkie and try to get in touch with the unknown voice

BE CREATIVE!!! Once again you can make it as many choices as you want just make sure you stay within the 3 sentence limit. You can be serious, funny, witty but just keep the story flowing!
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  • -Stay on the train.

    Lee: Kenny, we need to stay on the train for the night. Who knows what's out there.

    Kenny: 'sigh' Have it your way. First thing in the morning, we find a boat.

    Morning arrives. Lee talks to:

  • -Omid

    "Hows the leg doin?" Omid: "Not much better, dont think Ill be able to move much for a while" Lee: "Well hang in there"... (to the group) "we have to get him help or atleast look for food and medicine" Chuck: "yea im all out of whiskey, i know a place here i think" Lee decides itd be best if he scouts the town first with someone while everyone else stays with Omid. Who do you take?

  • -Lee chooses Kenny.

    Lee:Chuck, I don't think you have any experience with guns. Christa, you've got to take care of Omid while we're gone. Keep an eye out for Clem.

    Christa: Sure thing.

    Clem: Hurry back, okay?

    Lee: I'll try to. Stay safe.

    Handing Kenny the spare pistol, the two walk out of the train and into the streets of Savannah. The two encounter no walkers for 20 minutes, when they're greeted with a horrific sight: piles of dead walkers on top of each other, and walkers impaled on spikes. They don't seem to be moving.

    -"What the hell happened here?"
    -"Let's turn back."
    -"It doesn't matter. We have to keep on moving."
    -"You okay?"
  • "It doesnt matter, we have to keep moving"

    Kenny: "Someone must have done this... although im never opposed to dead walkers." Lee and Kenny continue cautiosly down the street observing more and more dead walkers, most missing heads. The duo comes to the end of the first street into town square, "Well where do we check out first..."

    -Hardware Store
    -Walk to next block, where a pharmacy is in view
  • -Walk to next block, where a pharmacy is in view.

    Lee: Let's check out that pharmacy over there.

    Lee and Kenny head over to the pharmacy, cautious of any walkers. The two enter the pharmacy.

    Kenny: Bring back any memories of Macon?

    Lee: Yeah, none too pleasant.

    After searching the place, the pair were only able to dig out a couple of candy bars, a bottle of disinfectant, some pills, and a couple rolls of gauze.

    Lee: Let's head back to the train.

    The two head back to the train using the same route they came from.

    Clem: You're back! It's good that you're safe.

    Chuck: Find anything?

    Kenny: Dead walkers everywhere. Place seems to be safe, though.

    Lee takes out a backpack, full of supplies from the pharmacy.

    -Wrap Omid's leg in gauze.
    -Give candy bar to Clementine.
    -Give candy bar to Ben.
    -Give Omid medicine for his leg.
  • -Give candy bar to Clementine

    Lee: Here Clem i got you this

    Clem: Thanks Lee, are we still gonna look for my parents?

    -No Clem we still need to find a boat.
    -Yea sure we are, right after we think of a plan first
    -Maybe Later Clem, We need to check out Savannah more
  • -Maybe later clem, we need to check out savanah a little more

    Clem:"...ok" (Clementine will remember that jk lol)

    Lee: "cheer up, I know its been rough but I promise well look for your parents once we know how safe the town is"

    As Lee is finished saying this, static comes from the walkie talkie followed by a mans voice:

    Mysterious Man: "You shouldnt have came here. But if your going to stay, there is a safe room on the top floor of the church"

    Lee: "Who IS THIS!?"

    The line goes dead.

    Ben: Who was that?

    Lee: Some guy whos been talking to Clem, says he knows where her parents are. *gives ben a look*

    Ben: *frightened* Oh , ok. Look I dont know if he is trustworthy or not but if he knows a safe spot we should take it. Well take turns on watch...we dont have much else"

    Christa: "Are you crazy some psycho is out there probably watching us and you want us to do as he says....!?"

    Chuck: "Calm down, no need to fight...we already have the dead to worry about...and my drinking problem, Lee you seem to be the one everyone listens to what do you want to do?

    -Take the mysterious mens advice, and head to the church
    -Talk to Clem first
    -Take an open vote
    -Disregard the man, and stay on the train again
  • -Talk to Clem first

    Lee: What do you want to do Clementine

    Clem: I want to find my parents Lee

    Lee: I know Clem but i meant do you want to stay on the train or Go to the Church?

    Clem: I want to go to the church since thats what the man said

    Lee: Okay Clem (Lee knows Clem is acting suspicious), Alright everyone we are going to the church we don't know what to expect so keep your guard up

    *Lee and the group enter the church*

    Kenny: Man this place looks shitty

    Christa: Well what do you expect it to look like?

    Lee: Everyone quiet! I said keep your guard up

    Chuck: Hey it looks like their is a school over there *Points*

    Kenny: Yea i see it, not that it matters

    *Lee talks into the Walkie-Talkie

    Lee: Alright were here now what?

    Mysterious man: Just stay there for the night and meet me at the school in the morning

    -Alright we will stay for the night and meet you in the morning
    -First tell me who you are!
    -Why should we meet you at the school
  • - First tell me who you are! -

    The voice coming from the walkie-talkie doesn't answer. Everyone looks at each other, and Lee notes Omid with a painful expression in his face. Christa notes it too, and seems upset.

    Christa - God dammit, if you are not going to help him, just give me the damn medic supplies! I'll do it.

    Chista takes the medic supplies from Lee, and start helping Omid with the leg.

    Kenny looks at Lee.

    Kenny - All right. I don't know you, man, but I am going to that school right now! If he wants to find us, why don't come here, or we just pass the night at the school?

    Ben - M-Maybe he has a surprise for us...

    Both Lee and Kenny looks at Ben, who seems to be ashamed.

    - You're no condition. I'll go with someone else( Only Chuck or Ben availabel) - -
    - Yeah, I'll got with you. But first I have to take care of something -
    - Look, I think we should play along. -
    - Look at our group, man. We're in no condition! -
  • Sorry if I'm ruining the flow of things here, I kinda like the roleplay-esque thing going one here, but I was wondering if it'd be a good point to add new characters?
    Like, for example I can make my own unique character in TWD follow-up based on whatever.
    The group is distracted by a muffled clash and banging sound coming from inside one of the nearby houses...the door is open, and Lee and Ben decide to investigate...
    Ben: Er, is anyone there? Hello?
    Voice: Huh? Wassat--you things can speak now?
    A figure stands out from the dark corner of the room from where he had been hiding. A young man, only a few years older than Ben himself steps forward, warily cocking a strange-looking weapon of sorts at the two.
    Lee: -Who are you?
    -Put the gun down
    Lee: Who the hell are you? Where did you come from?
    Jack: Name's Jack, came from that room there and I could bloody well ask you the same question.
    Ben: Oh my God! Another survivor, Lee, we found someone!

    Oh, and btw, dibs on this one. You can follow on from that if it's allowed but either way I'm pulling this ticket later on! :)
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