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“Last Survivor” -- Walking Dead / We’re Alive Crossover (Carley is found and saved.)

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This is a crossover fanfic with the “Walking Dead” game and “We're Alive” a podcast show. Those who are not familiar with We’re Alive, it is more like survivors battling the monsters from 28 Days Later and Left 4 Dead than facing the undead in a typical zombie apocalypse movie.

Unfortunately, the characters from We’re Alive are all situated in Los Angeles and I had to move them into Georgia to make this work.

And yes, Carley survives the gunshot in this one. If you don’t like it then write your own story. :p

FF.Net Link: Last Survivors

Feedback is needed. ;)

Chapter One: Wounds

"She... She.... She's dead! Why did she shoot her?"

"Get in! We're leaving this crazy bitch."


"Lee, she's gone. You heard Ben, you can't help her. Get in or do I have to drag you!"


She woke as if coming out of a deep sleep to find herself face down in the dirt.

What happened?

Almost immediately she felt a painful burning sensation in her left cheek and eye. Her head started to throb as she tried to move her limbs.

Shit. I feel like crap. What happened?

Slowly she pushed herself up and that's when she noticed something else was wrong. She couldn't see out of her left eye. It was night but the moon and stars were out and giving off enough light to see out of her right eye but something was wrong with her left.

Fighting down her panic, she reached up and touched the left side of her face. When she pulled her hand back she found it to be covered in blood. Almost shaking in fear now, she looked around to find herself on the side of a long stretch of a road, lined with trees on either side.

How did I get here?

Then she heard them, the slow shuffling of feet through piles of fallen leaves and the bone chilling constant low moaning. Like right out of a foreboding bad dream, three walkers emerged out from the shadows of the trees, heading straight towards her.

Carley rose to her feet to flee but she almost blacked out from the effort. The sudden movement caused new pain to surged through her head, making it feel like it was about to split open.

The walkers closed in on their new prey.

No, get up and move!

Through sheer will and much fear for her life, Carley started to run as best as she could but her aching head made it almost impossible and for some reason her body had so little strength to give. At most, all she could manage was a fast walk down the road. Carley fumbled inside her coat for her gun but came up empty. The situation was growing from bad to worse.

I'm injured, most likely seriously, no weapon and being chased by walkers. Which one will do me in first?

Looking behind, one of the three walkers was actually gaining on her. Carley tried to move faster but every step felt like someone was taking a jackhammer to her already throbbing head.

The fast walker behind her sounded so close now that she didn't dare look back. Exhaustion was overtaking her and Carley started to cry from her good eye. Maybe it would be better to stop running and let it end now than drag this out needlessly.

Then there was a light from behind and the sound of an engine. A vehicle was approaching and it filled Carley with unexpected hope to keep moving. The vehicle was loud as it sped up and swerved around them to pass on her left. Carley looked and her jaw dropped. It was a humvee! An honestly to goodness US military humvee.

Still trying to keep ahead of the pursuing walkers, Carley tried to wave and call to them but she couldn’t catch her breath to shout. Worse, probably in her condition and in the dark they might think she was a walker too. Even in the gloom of night, she could see faces inside the vehicle windows looking out but they were already passing to accelerate away.

With all she had left, Carley finally screamed out. "PLEASE HELP ME!!!"

This caused her head ache even more but it made the humvee screeched to a halt about fifty feet ahead of her. The front side passenger door flew open and a man jumped out. It was too dark to make out his face but the outline of his body showed that he was dressed head to toe in full military combat gear. In his hands, he cradled an assault rifle. At that moment he was the most beautiful sight in the world to Carley.

He took a step towards her as he brought his weapon up. "If you are living, GET DOWN!" The man barked.

Carley almost nodded as she dropped to the hard pavement. An instant later, she heard three loud cracks from his discharging weapon. When her ears stopped ringing seconds later, the moaning of the walkers that had been dogging her from behind had been permanently silenced. Still on her hands and knees and gasping for breath, Carley couldn't stop shaking, unable to believe she was rescued. She then heard more voices coming from the vehicle.

"Watch the tree line!" A powerful and rough older voice commanded. "But shoot only if you have to!"

"I got it!" A much youthful male voice answered back.

Carley then heard people approaching. Lifting her head, she saw the soldier and next to him a woman in plain civilian clothing hurrying to her with flashlights. When they reached her, they shined their lights right into Carley's face, nearly blinding her. Her two would be rescuers actually paused in shock which scared Carley.

How bad are my injuries?

For a moment she feared they would turn around and abandon her.

"Please, don't leave me." Her plead was feeble and weak but she nearly at the end of her rope, her strength fading and she was terrified of dying out here alone.

The woman snapped out of it first and spoke with a gentle French accent. "We won’t." She knelt down next to her, taking Carley's hand into hers before turning to the soldier. "Angel, help me."

However, the soldier still hesitated before kneeling down before Carley, studying her damaged face with his flashlight.

“Wait.” He was more professional sounding and asked Carley direct. “Were you bitten?”

“I don’t know…” Carley muttered. She couldn’t remember what happened to her, her headache was getting even worse. “I was with a group at this motel and we were attacked by bandits. We escaped but… everything is a blank after that. Help me… please… please…”

Angel nodded and looked to the French woman. “Riley, this looks like a messy gunshot wound and not a bite. Let’s chance it.”

I was shot? I need a mirror to see how bad it is.

From the humvee, the young voice called to them. "I would hurry you two! We're doubled park and I'm seeing a ton of movement in the trees!"

Riley and Angel each took an arm and helped Carley to their vehicle and quickly placed her in the back. All the way to the humvee, Carley was almost delirious with gratitude, thanking them over and over. She wanted to kiss them.

Inside, Carley collapsed into her seat in a mixture of relief and exhaustion as the French woman took her place next to her on her right. To Carley’s left a large and older man with no hair and a grey beard, dressed in civilian cloths climbed in.

To the front, Angel hurried around into the passenger seat as the driver slide back behind the wheel pulling a pair of night vision goggles from his face. He turned back to them and he was a young black man, dressed in full combat gear like Angel.

"How is our..." He stopped when he looked at Carley and saw her face and nearly exclaimed. “Holy... Is she going to be all right?”

Carley could barely keep her good eye open now. On second thought, I don’t want that mirror.

"Just drive Saul." The French woman said urgently, as she reached in the back compartment for the first aid kit. “Burt, help me dress her wound.”

The older man leaned in closer to help Riley tend to Carley’s damaged face before saying in a gruff voice. “Radio ahead and warn them we have wounded coming in.”

“I’m already on it.” Angel said.

The humvee pulled away as dozens of walkers piled out onto the road from the forest. They mindlessly tried to follow the military vehicle as its taillights grew smaller into the night before disappearing around a bend in the road.

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  • RafaelBrasileiro;689185 said:
    Lilly survived?
    ah dammit!
    Great chapter!

    Sorry but she still gets trapped in that prison with no ammo and surrounded by hundreds of starving walkers.
  • ZombieGoBoom;689235 said:
    Sorry but she still gets trapped in that prison with no ammo and surrounded by hundreds of starving walkers.
    ok, that makes me more happy.: D
  • I'm actually starting to feel sorry for Lilly ;_;

    Amazing chapter ! it keeps getting more and more interesting xD Can't wait for the next :D
  • I agree with other comments, good chapter!
  • Chapter Seven: Travelier

    It took over a month but Michael finally allowed me to come back to investigate this place. I wasn’t sure what I hoped to find. It felt like returning to the scene of a crime or your own grave.

    The Travelier Motel.

    The place was the same as I remembered it when we left it in a big hurry. I saw the gaping hole that Kenny’s escaping RV made in the hastily erect wall we built in front of the motel. Peering over part of the barrier that was still standing, my heart sank when I saw four walkers milling about on the inside of the motel parking area. It appeared no one had come back after we left.

    Slowly, I crouched back down next to Saul, Burt and Riley. They all saw the look of sadness on my face.

    “Nothing was touched,” I told them. “Everything looks just the same the day when we escaped.”

    “I’m so sorry Carley.” Riley whispered.

    “You don’t know,” Saul tried to offer me some hope. “Let’s get in there and get a better look for ourselves.”

    “Besides,” Burt added. “Just because they didn’t come back means nothing. They might have found that boat and they’re off to a better place. No, that better place… You know what I mean.”

    “I know what you meant but thank you.” I told him and he placed a gentle hand on my shoulder and gave a reassuring squeeze.

    Burt looked to Riley. “You got the keys to get us in?”

    “I’ve got them right here.” The French woman readied her compound hunting bow, nocking the first arrow on the string and she was ready to shoot. Peeking through a crack in the damaged wall, she waited until none of the walkers were facing her direction. Then she stood up, drawing back the string, with her target selected before letting the arrow loose.

    Looking through another split in the wall, I was still amazed that the walkers barely reacted to one of their numbers falling to the ground with an arrow protruding from its head just feet from them. They heard the arrow striking and even stopped to look at their fallen comrade but its like they viewed it as something unimportant before continuing to shuffle about. It was just like on that night when I helped Glenn and Lee to try and save that girl not long ago.

    How the walkers perceived our world around them I always wondered. Are they only drawn to movement, sound and smell? Why on earth do they need to attack the living? Is everything purely instinct to them? Regardless, I was thankful they were as dumb as a piece of furniture or we would really be in trouble.

    I continued to watch Riley operate with the skill and precision of a surgeon. She easily dispatched the remaining three walkers in about a minute, never missing once and they had never clued in that we were here. She was amazing and I‘m glad she volunteered to help.

    With the area cleared, Saul returned back to the humvee parked just 200 feet from the motel and brought up into the parking lot.

    Being this close to the city of Macon, Michael and Burt made sure we were ready for trouble and gave everything we needed.

    Beside her bow and quiver of thirty arrows, Riley also carried a pistol and pouches filled with several extra clips on her belt giving her almost 100 rounds if needed for any serious trouble.

    Saul had his sidearm and his trusty M4 with every pouch on his carrying vest loaded with as many magazines he could haul. Altogether, he must have had nearly 700 rounds for his rifle and pistol.

    As for Burt, well he only had his Desert Eagle gun name after his former wife, Shirley. Besides being a former marine, the man was also a champion marksman during his civilian life on the shooting range and so far I never saw him miss a shot yet.

    For me, I still had my glock 17 with about 100 rounds for it but for added firepower Burt gave me an AR15 with my own smaller carrying vest with 300 rounds. It’s a civilian version of the military rifle, semi-automatic firing only but still uses 5.56 rounds. This rifle was also a gift from Burt to me for saving him from Ron during our run against Woodbury. The old marine may not be in the habit of saying thank you but when he did, he often said it with guns.

    I was a little worried in trying to use something so complex compared to a handgun that it would jam up on me in no time. Using anything with too many moving parts or requiring batteries could be my downfall in life. However, after Burt gave me a crash course in how to use and care for it, my new rifle didn’t seem as intimating.

    Now standing here in the park lot, I felt empty and as desolated as this place looks. I watched as Riley retrieved her arrows from the walkers giving them a quick cleaning wipe before placing them back in the quiver.

    Then I felt everyone’s eyes were on me. This was once my home and they were trying to be respectful, just waiting for me to give the word. Well, time to get this over with.

    “Food, weapons and medicine are stored in room 4. Fuel and engine parts will be in room 6.” I told them.

    Strange, I was in such a hurry to get here and now to find it empty of life to the people I cared for, I just want to leave it as quickly as possible.

    We did a thorough search and even though all the doors were shut and even locked we treated each of them like there might be a walker inside. One stayed on the roof of the humvee on lookout. Two would go into the room to sweep it and the last one remained in the doorway. No one gets out of sight of each other.

    We found the food, weapons, medicine, fuel and engines parts exactly where they were supposed to be. Nothing was taken, a sure sign of no one returning here after we were gone. I think the ten cans of gasoline we collected would be the greatest help along with the medicine. We had some canned food left, just a couple weeks worth for seven people if rationed carefully. As for weapons, we had four hunting rifles, 2 shotguns and six handguns with about 400 rounds of assorted ammo.

    Saul asked if we should leave something behind just in case. I just told them if they’re not back by now, they never will be. When those words left my mouth, it felt like someone else was talking, I need to get out of here but unfortunately I’m not done yet.

    We approached the last room in this motel, the one I needed to visit. Probably the last chance I’ll ever get close to them again. I opened the door and walked in with my rifle ready. Just behind me was Riley as we carefully searched the room for any walkers. Saul stood in the door to watch us and to remain in sight of Burt at the humvee. We stayed in sight of each other like an unbroken chain.

    The room looked clear but half of it was blocked by a curtain strung across it. The walls were covered with paper crayon drawings of sunrises, flowers, animals and people. One of the drawings looked like me. I felt my heart tightening in my chest. No, focus!

    I move past the first bed, and it was made all nice and tidy. This was Lee’s and that man could keep his room in way better shape than I could with mine.

    I dropped onto one knee and checked under the bed literally for monsters but found nothing. I stood back up and moved on to the curtain, walking pass a desk covered by more paper drawings and a crayon set. The chair at the desk had a brown leather coat hung over it.

    I was now within a few feet of the curtain and I glanced over to Riley. She had her pistol out and she nodded that she was ready. Behind her in the doorway, I saw Saul raising his rifle too. Using my own rifle, I quickly pushed the curtain aside with the barrel only to find Clementine‘s bed. It too was nicely made and was left like that since the day we fled from here.

    It was hard being in that room, their faces are haunting me. One more place to check and then I can finally relax. I stepped forwards and towards the bathroom. The door was open and I peered in. The shower curtains were thankfully drawn open too, allowing me a clear view. Empty.

    “We’re good.” I told Riley and Saul while lowering my weapon.

    There was a moment of silence and I felt their eyes on me again, waiting for me to do or say something. I needed to leave, too many memories for me to handle.

    So I turned to head for the door. “Okay, let’s go.”

    Riley looked surprised, stopping me. “Wait. Do you want to look around some more or take something with you? The way you spoke, these two meant a lot to you.”

    “We may not come this way again for a long while, Carley.” Saul added. “Take something to remember them.”

    “All the important stuff is already loaded into the humvee and the people who lived here are gone,” I told them, trying hard not to think or feel, just handling the situation logically. “And with everything that happened, I shouldn’t be clinging to the past. We all lost people and I’m no different. A lot of us didn’t even have time to mourn.”

    I started to leave again but Riley didn’t move, blocking my path. She looked at the all the crayon drawings adorning the walls. “She’s quite an artist. All of them bright and hopeful.”

    I just wanted to get out of there. Just too many painful reminders surrounding me, why won’t she let me leave?

    Slowly I looked at the drawings again and it made me think of her. My voice was a whisper. “She was. She… She was joy to be around and her optimism was infectious. She would brighten your day with a few words no matter how bad you felt.”

    “Then why do you want to forget that?” Riley asked.

    We were standing right in front of the desk and I found my hand resting on the back of the chair with the leather coat draped over it. It was Lee’s and on that day it was usually warm so he left it when everything happened. Slowly, I gripped the coat and lifted it up close to me until I found myself hugging it tightly to my chest.

    “If we were to walk into a singles bar at the same time before all this happened, we probably wouldn’t give each other a second look.” I said quietly. “Not there was anything wrong with him but we… you know, have our own idea in our heads who we might hook up with.”

    At the doorway, Saul lightly laughed. “What we want never matches with reality. Look at me and Lizzy.”

    I just had to laugh back at him. “Saul, she looks like a supermodel! Oh it must be just horrible for you!”

    “That’s not what I mean.” Saul said defensively. “Life can throw us curveballs. You never know what to expect.”

    I paused, feeling sad. “He was not what I expected either. I never told you but he was a convicted felon, responsible for the death of the state senator a few years back. I knew it right from the start when I saw him, being a reporter and all. I even told him I knew and warned him about causing any trouble for us but promising to keep it to myself.”

    Saul and Riley looked surprised at my confession, not that it mattered anymore. The French woman soon asked. “What did he do?”

    “He merely thanked me and surprised me repeatedly with his helpfulness and compassion to all of us. He even saved my life,” I admitted to them. “I knew his secret and if he wanted me gone, he could have looked the other way and let the walkers have me but he saved me. Later he told me when he got into that fight with that state senator who had an affair with his wife, didn’t mean for his death. It was an accident and I truly believed him.”

    “I remember reading a little about that cause,” Saul suddenly said. “Some thought that friends of the late senator were putting pressure to have the book thrown at Lee. Sure, a man died but the situation warranted perhaps manslaughter at most, not murder.”

    “Yeah,” I said and I continued to talk about him. Why do I feel the need to talk about him now? Do I ready miss him that much? Yes, I do. “We… We never, you know. We flirted and teased one another. I even found out that I have a thing for men who saved my life. First it was Doug, then it was Lee and I have to admit I have a thing for Angel now when you found and saved me that night.”

    “Oh?” Riley cocked an eyebrow in amusement. Angel had been busy trying to court the French woman for awhile now. “Do I have some competition?”

    “Me against your good looks and that damn sexy French accent that men drool over?” I commented. “I don’t stand a chance and to be honest, being single suits me for now.”

    I tried to smile but I felt incredibly depressed and I must have looked it because Riley suddenly hugged me. I returned it and even though I didn’t want to cry, I felt tears welling up in my good right eye. I glanced at the wall with all the pictures taped to it.

    “I would like to take Clementine’s drawings too.”

    Riley rubbed my back and released me. “Sure and I’ll help.”

    Riley was giving me a hand in pulling the drawings down when suddenly Burt called to us from the parking area, still looking out for any approaching walkers. “Hey! What is taking so long?”

    Still standing in the doorway, Saul got a devilish look on his face and turned to answer. “Quiet! Carley and Riley are making out!”

    There was a short pause from Burt when he finally hollered back. “Take pictures!”

    Saul was laughing until he turned to face our glaring eyes and he quickly tried to look innocent. “Come on, it was a joke. You know something you say to get a ha-ha? No? Oooookay, I’m just going to head around this corner and get out of sight because you are both armed and are starting to scare me.”

    Riley and I let poor Saul sweat it out for a few more minutes before letting him off the hook. I will admit the joke was a little funny. With all of Clementine’s drawings rounded up and with Lee‘s coat, we started to leave the room but I stopped and turned around to grab one last thing.

    We gathered around the humvee all set to go. Burt gave the items I was carrying a curious look.

    “A worn leather coat, a bunch of kid’s sketches and a box of crayons,” The old marine commented softly. “You got what you came for?”

    “No but this is as close as I might ever get.” I replied sadly. As I walked to the humvee with everyone else, the former marine gently patted me on the back. I really love old Burt. He’s the anti-Larry in our group.

    I couldn’t thank them all enough for helping me to come back here and at least settle this piece of the puzzle. I may never know what happened to them but I have to believe that they’re okay and alive somewhere safe.

    Before we departed for home, I finally agreed with leaving something behind in room 4. There, we left several cans of food to last at least five people for a couple of days, a pistol with thirty rounds of ammo, a can of gasoline and a two way radio with fresh batteries.

    With it included a note from Burt.

    To: Lee and friends

    We’re trying to find you. Head south towards Amercus on Highway 19 and until you reach the turn off to County Road 46. When there, switch on the radio to channel 9. We’re constantly monitoring the emergency channel 24/7 for as long as we can. Be warned, we will know if it’s you or not.

    From: Carley’s friends.

    We have to keep hope alive and it’s just as important as merely surviving. It’s what gives us the will to get through til tomorrow and the day after that. Without it, we will become the walking dead.

    Next Chapter: What was Lost
  • It is definitely getting better, a typo here and there but overall it was really good, don't be pressured to spell check it as that would be difficult.

    Looking forward to the next chapter!
  • as always, Great Chapter, and waiting for the Next!
  • Excellent, thank you!

    P.S. I like Burt too.
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