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Interactive Story Thread - Write The Story, just like the game!

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Ok so basically read the rules BEFORE writing! Its pretty self explanatory (once the thread gets going) but you are limited to THREE sentences. Other forums I am apart of have had a lot of fun with something like this. Mods: if this is in the wrong section, feel free to move/delete





4) NO KILLING OF LEE OR CLEM, feel free to off anyone else though

So we will see how it goes, since TWD is a M rated game lets try to be mature about this! Anyways so the story will pick off right where the game itself ended which is Lee hearing the mysterious mans voice over Clems walkie talkie. So to start off I will say:

After hearing the unknown voice on the other end of the walkie talkie, lee was shocked. Looking at Kenny, Lee didnt know what to do. They were about 3 hours out of their destination.

-Wake up Clementine, and let her explain
-Play with the walkie talkie and try to get in touch with the unknown voice

BE CREATIVE!!! Once again you can make it as many choices as you want just make sure you stay within the 3 sentence limit. You can be serious, funny, witty but just keep the story flowing!
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  • -Look i think we should play along

    Lee: Kenny don't be stupid man, We have no idea whats over there

    Kenny: Alright fine Lee but if something happens don't blame me

    *Omid screams in pain*

    Christa: Hold still, im trying to help you

    Omid: I don't know how much longer my leg is gonna last

    Lee says

    -Maybe we should consider leaving him
    -Don't worry Omid you'll be fine
    -Ask the group what they think
  • -Don't worry Omid you'll be fine

    Omid: Easy for you to say... Ouch! That hurts!

    Christa: Geesh what a baby.

    (Clem giggles)

    Lee: Look, we need to get this church checked out if we are staying here.

    Kenny: No shit...

    Ben: Y... you think there's walkers in there?

    Chuck: There could be walkers anywhere son... The real question is if there's any firewater layin around.

    Lee says

    -Alright me and Kenny will check it out, you all stay together.
    -Kenny, you and Ben check around back.
    -Ok, we are all staying together, lets go in.
    -Christa, you and Omid keep watch, the rest of us will check out the inside
  • -Alright me and Kenny will check it out, you all stay together

    Ben: Hurry back Lee

    Kenny: Ben quit acting like a baby

    Lee: easy Kenny alright ya'll we will be back soon

    *Lee and Kenny leave*

    Christa: Alright Omid that should help for now

    Ben: You think they will be alright?

    Chuck: Calm down son they will be fine

    *Lee and Kenny are checking out the church*

    Lee: Omid is looking pretty bad huh?

    Kenny: Yea i don't know if he is gonna make it

    Lee: Yea we might have to leave him if his leg doesn't heal

    Kenny: I sure as hell ain't carrying a guy with us the whole time

    Lee: Do you wanna talk about Duck

    Kenny: No Lee I........

    *Lee and Kenny hear a noise in a nearby room*

    Lee says

    -I'll check it out you stay here Kenny
    -Kenny you check it out, I'll stand guard
    -We should both check it out cmon
  • "Ill Check it out, you stay here Kenny"

    Kenny: Alright, I'll be right here buddy

    Lee walks up to the door that leads to the room and begins to turn the knob slowly, he hears shuffling coming from the other side of the door and looks back at Kenny "There's definitely something in there" he opens the door and it makes a creaking sound. the room is dark but there are a lot of boxes in there..

    Open the boxes
    Look around some more
    call Kenny over
  • -Call Kenny over

    Lee: Kenny come here, there are alot of boxes in here

    Kenny: Oh shit its dark in here

    Lee: Hell yea i can't see a damn thing

    We should.....

    -Go back to the group and tell them
    -Try and find a light source to look around
    -Go in the room anyway
  • -go in the room anyway

    while looking Lee hears something dash across the room


    Kenny: Damn cat, scared the shit outta me!

    Lee: How the hell you think this guy survived?

    Kenny: who knows, aint livin much longer.

    Lee: what do you mean?

    Kenny: Thats dinner staring you in the face right there Lee.

    Lee: Are you serious??

    Kenny: hell yes im serious, you want clem and the rest of us to go without tonight?

    Lee says

    -You're right, grab it.
    -Im havin no part of it, do what you want.
    -We arent killing a house pet Kenny
    -What if we kept it? you know, to raise the groups spirits?
  • -I'm having no part of it. do what you want

    Kenny: Fine Lee i'll take it then

    *Kenny kills it*

    Lee: What are you gonna eat it like that? You need a fire or something to cook it

    Kenny: Im not gonna eat it right now dumbass, But we will need a fire or something to cook it later

    So now we should.....

    -Go back to the group
    -Check some more rooms
    -Ask Kenny
  • -Check some more rooms

    Lee: Maybe there are some supplies we can use around here.

    Kenny: well we can use some of these broken chairs for firewood, should be safe to build a fire on that stone slab in front of the alter.

    Lee: ok sounds good, but lets make sure its safe to bring everyone in here.

    After checking the rest of the church, there are no walkers and a small amount of supplies.

    Kenny: Looks like we are done checkin the place out, what now?

    Lee says:

    -you start on that fire, ill get everyone inside
    -Lets go back outside
    -I'll start the fire, you get everyone inside
  • -you start on that fire, ill get everyone inside

    *Lee goes to get everyone*

    Lee: Alright everyone we checked all the rooms, its safe so cmon

    Christa:Alright cmon Omid

    Omid: Ouch! Damn my leg still hurts

    Christa: It will get better don't worry

    Chuck: What did ya'll find?

    Lee: Just some supplies and some firewood, Kenny is starting a fire, We found a cat and he is gonna cook it

    Clementine: Eww gross!

    Chuck: If we have to we will eat it

    Lee says
    -I guess
    -Hell no i ain't eating no cat
    -There's gotta be something else to eat
  • "theres gotta be something else to eat"

    Omid: Yeah I don't think I have it in me to eat a cat..

    suddenly they hear a knock on the front door of the steps..

    I'll go check it out
    nobody move (ready weapon)
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