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Interactive Story Thread - Write The Story, just like the game!

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Ok so basically read the rules BEFORE writing! Its pretty self explanatory (once the thread gets going) but you are limited to THREE sentences. Other forums I am apart of have had a lot of fun with something like this. Mods: if this is in the wrong section, feel free to move/delete





4) NO KILLING OF LEE OR CLEM, feel free to off anyone else though

So we will see how it goes, since TWD is a M rated game lets try to be mature about this! Anyways so the story will pick off right where the game itself ended which is Lee hearing the mysterious mans voice over Clems walkie talkie. So to start off I will say:

After hearing the unknown voice on the other end of the walkie talkie, lee was shocked. Looking at Kenny, Lee didnt know what to do. They were about 3 hours out of their destination.

-Wake up Clementine, and let her explain
-Play with the walkie talkie and try to get in touch with the unknown voice

BE CREATIVE!!! Once again you can make it as many choices as you want just make sure you stay within the 3 sentence limit. You can be serious, funny, witty but just keep the story flowing!
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  • -Nobody move.

    Lee: Keep your guard up. (Ready weapon)

    ???: Help! Please, open up!

    Kenny: Shit, that sounds like the guy from the walkie!

    -Open door.
    -"Who the hell are you?"
    - "Are you bitten?"
  • -Open door

    Unknown Man: I know ya'll are in there Open up

    Lee: Who is it Kenny?

    Kenny: I don't know

    Lee: im gonna open it, Kenny you protect Clem

    *Lee slowly opens the door*

    Lee: Who the hell are you?

    Unknown man: Im the guy you were talking to on the Walkie-Talkie, Let me in

    Lee says

    -Hell No!
    -First tell me who you are
  • -Hell no.

    Lee: Get the hell out of here!

    -A group of walkers slowly approaches the entrance.

    Mysterious man: Like hell I am. I'll tell you who I am! Just let me in!

    Kenny: Damn, we don't have any time! Let's move!

    -The mysterious man runs into the building, while Lee and Kenny close the doors.

    -"Okay, who are you?
    -"Clem, you mind explaining to me who this is?
    -"Are you armed?"
  • -Are you armed?

    Unknown man: Does it look like im armed?

    Lee: i guess not...

    Kenny: Why the hell were you being chased by walkers?

    Unknown man: Well i was at the school remember i told you to meet me there? Well the walkers started to come in and i had to get the hell outta there

    Lee: damn now what do we do?

    -Stay there for the night
    -Try to find another place to hide
    -Found out more about the man
  • -Find out more about the man

    Lee: "What the hell do you want from us?"

    A shriveled decently aged man stands at the door
    Old Man: "Is she here?"

    Lee: "You better not be thinking of who I think your thinking of..."

    Old Man: "Clementine, thats her name right?"

    Clementine peers behind Lees back

    A gun shot goes off from the outside just barely missing the mysterious man, in the choas he rushes in and grabs Clem and runs. More gun fire, Ben and Kenny open up into the nothingness. The group of 3 to 4 walkers are getting closer


    Lee: You fucker! Get back here, Kenny im going after them

    Kenny: Lee no don't be stupid!

    Lee: Kenny focus on the walkers im going after Clem

    Ben: Screw this *Ben runs further into the church*

    -Keep chasing the old man
    -Decide to chase after them later
    -Help Kenny with the walkers
  • -Keep chasing the old man.

    Lee: Damn it!

    Kenny: What is that bastard thinking?

    Kenny shoots two of the walkers while running, barely missing the second.

    Lee: We've got no time for this. Run as fast as you can!

    Lee and Kenny manage to catch up to the old man. The old man has run out of breath. Surprisingly, Clem isn't as scared as she was before.

    -Shoot old man.
    -Get out spare set of handcuffs and lock him, carrying him back to the school.
    -"Kenny. What should we do with this bastard?"
    -"Clem, are you okay?"
  • --Get out spare set of handcuffs and lock him, carrying him back to the school.

    Lee: Im taking you as a prisoner for now you psycho bastard

    Kenny: We should kill this son of a bitch

    Lee: Kenny we got no time, we need to get back to the group! and we need to go to this school he was talking about

    Unknown Man: NO! Don't go there

    Lee says to Clem

    -Clem are you okay?
    -Did he hurt you?
    -Do you know this man?
  • -Do you know this man?

    Clem: yes...

    Lee: is he safe?

    Clem: yes

    Lee: then lets go!

    -go back to get the group
    -leave the group behind and head to the school
    -ask the old man where to go
  • -go back to get the group

    Lee: We need to head back and get the group

    Kenny: sounds good to me

    Lee: keep on eye on this bastard

    Kenny: No problem *Kenny looks pissed*

    *Lee makes it to the group*

    Lee: Cmon guys! We are going to the school, Where's Ben?

    Ben: I'm over here *Ben comes out from a back room*

    Lee: You fucking coward, You didn't even help!

    Ben: Im sorry!

    Lee says
    -Fuck you im leaving you
    -One more chance Ben
    -Just cmon
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