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What death hit you the hardest?

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For me, it was the death of Doug. I saw duck's death coming when he was bit, and Katjaa I didn't see up close. They were very emotional, but Doug was the hardest. It just came so out of the blue, completely unexpected, a life cut short for a man who had nothing to do with what Lilly was trying to do. So sudden and shocking i almost cried.
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  • Mark. I knew he was a goner, but I thought we would only see like his head or something, not him alive like that...
  • Exact same topic. "What death made you the most emotional"
  • i'll agree with red panda here
  • I haven't played the third chapter of my "doug" game, but I imagine it will be the hardest for me, as well, as he has so far been my favorite character. But in terms of technical plays, Katjaa was the worst. She was the closest thing to a doctor "we" had, and now she's gone. That's going to suck for everyone pretty soon. Especially since I have a feeling "we" are about to find a big ol' pile of shit waiting for us at the end of those train tracks.
  • You mean Savanahh? :D
  • Exactly lol. I can't imagine anything good is going to come of it. At best, they don't even encounter Clem's parents. At worse, they encounter her parents as zombies.
  • The bandit who took a shotgun blast to the forhead from another bandit in Ep II:D
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    Carley. That was too much. Ben must pay for that. The worst part of it is that if he had just admitted it right off the bat, even HE would not have been killed. He would have just been kicked out at most. So that hit me hard, especially when it turned out to be him.
  • Duck.

    I liked the little guy, as an uncle to a boy the same age who makes Duck look like a perfect angel I took a shine to him (to those who found Duck annoying, just one day with my nephew would have you committing murder/suicide). It took a while before the inevitable with Duck, so I had enough time to process just how horrid it would be to have to put down a child like that, it ended up being very depressing.

    Carly's death is next but it happened fast and didn't really give me time to process it, that was more shock and anger at Lilly.
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