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You have just entered The Walking Dead and you need a weapon.

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What is your weapon of choice? Can be anything to a simple stick to an RPG. Can be ranged or melee, but keep in mind you only have the one and once it's gone its hand-to-hand combat for you, a new weapon is not an option in this scenario so make it count. Keep in mind if you choose a ranged weapon you can re-supply but depending on your choice, it might be difficult to locate. Also give your current location as that can factor in to what is available around you.

For me I choose the simple steel crowbar. Light weight and versatile. I am currently residing in the east coast of Canada, but really a crowbar can be found just about anywhere.
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  • Zombies are Awesome!;689533 said:
    But what if you meet a Bandit and he starts shooting at you? don't forget walkers aren't the only enemy
    Fair point, but if I choose a gun I need a steady supply of ammo, or else I'm weaponless, and where I'm at the only place I'd be able to get more ammo is the police station but I bet your ass when shit hits the fan that will be one of the main places people would go. I live in a small town and it's rare that anyone around here has guns aside from the duck and deer hunters around :D. Downside is I don't know any personally so still, no gun. I guess I got an old shotgun in my basement with no ammo but still if I need to only choose one weapon it's not gonna be something that is limited like a gun. Guess I'll run for my life or hide till they come close :D. They can run out of ammo too and if they have half a brain they won't just shoot aimless at me in cover wasting their precious ammo, and if they are dumb enough then I'll wait till their out!
  • Big ass knife gun, I choose you!
  • ozzmann;689574 said:
    Big ass knife gun, I choose you!
    I am totally down with that.
  • A nuke. Fuck it, I'm going out with a BANG.
  • Lars80;689623 said:
    why didn't i think of that :confused:
  • If it was a complete fiction where I could use and find any kind of weapon probably a pump-action shotgun but if it was something more realistic I guess I would go for a Glock 17,the same gun featured in the game(See the gun Clementine is holding on the trailer of Episode 3).My mom actually has one for practical shooting matches and I've shot with it a few times years ago.


    This is an airsoft replica of it that I have :p
  • thestalkinghead;689460 said:
    its actually quite hard to crush a skull and destroy a brain, it would get you tired killing more than one
    yeah, and in this game and in many other media they portray it as far too easy. Human skull has around the same resistance as a coconut. And then theres also the question how much of the brain you need to destroy and its ofcourse a moving target, you can glance off the side/get stuck, etc.

    my weapon of choice would be some sort of warhammer or war-pick they used in medieval times to crush skulls underneath a helmet.

    sturdy, wont get stuck, and best to bash heads.
  • I like the chinese hook sword. Good for knocking them back at short range, or hand to hand. If it were long range, I'd find another way around.
  • Whatever the hell Molly was using. That pick axe was good for stabbin skulls and as a tool for escaping like using it to climb or jump across building lol
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