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Who was your first suspect with the broken flashlight?

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As the title says, When you first questioned everyone about it, Who was your first suspect?
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  • Ben. I had no real clue, but i knew that it had to be him.
  • I thought it was Kenny because he was shot on episode 2. He probably steal to recover himself.

    I didn't play episode 3 yet. Who would need the drugs anyway unless you hurt? The only person got hurt on episode 2 is Kenny.
  • not sure............ not sure if it was ben
  • At first I assumed Doug broke the flashlight since he is loves anything with batteries in it, so I though he broke it by accident, but then later I blamed Ben cause...I don't know, I never trusted Ben.
  • I had no clue who it could have been right uo until Ben confesses. I remember asking Ben about the flashlight and him being really nervous, but Ben always acts nervous so I didn´t think much of it.

    For a bit in the RV I believed Lilly it might have been Carley, but when I remember they would have to write a separate version of the scene for Doug it suddenly made much less sense.
  • I first started leaning toward lily trying to fabricate something to drive a spike between lee and kenny to try to regain some control over the group and power over kenny and lee. Once I started the "investigation" it pretty much came through fairly clearly that it was ben based on his reaction when asked about the flashlight then the chalk "X" on the wall.
  • I stumbled across the glass before I even questioned anyone, so I had no specific suspicions.
  • I thought it was just a accident, and didn't give it another thought, but if I thought it was used in the stealing I would have assumed it was Ben.
  • Ben.

    Lilly was the one who brought it to my attention, and evidence. So It wasn't her.
    I trusted Carley. She never seemed the break it and cover up type.
    Kenny was with me most times.
    Kat is too kind hearted to do something like break and cover up.
    Duck or Clem would have admitted it when asked.
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