Question how important is it to have your save files for ep4

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I know no one can answer now but i had do re install of windows did not back up lost game saves. So my question is given past episodes would you say just start with default choices on ep4 i dont have that much time and want play it.


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    You have a few days to play replay it, which is what I would do in your situation. No I wouldn't go with the default choices on my first play through.
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    Well its very important if you care about the game at all, I can't see why anyone would buy Episode 4 and NOT have a save file to play on, it would only take around 6 hours give or take another depending on if you rush or take your time.
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    Exactly it's better to go through a couple of hours and do it yourself rather than playing with defaults especially if it's your first playthrough of ep4 as then the story would be jumbled up depending on how the default settings are configured
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