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Predict Episode 4 before it's released

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Since this game is right around the corner, what do you all think will happen? I got some ideas, some obvious, some crazy, some I personally hope for.

* Omid will get infected from that wound and will only slow the group down and he tells you to leave him behind and take care of Christa. Choice Time! Leave him behind doing what he wants against Christa will, or refuse and carry him along longer in the episode only to have him die a way worse death.

* The school they reach was taken over by a military program called Crawford meant to study the walkers, and find a cure/reversal but ended badly. Civilians took law into their own hands and it wasn't without blood shed. We'll see a new type of "Woodbury" society here.

* Chuck dies a noble death in chapter 6.

* Ben gets bite and another choice of either kill him or exile him.

* At some point between the school and Omid choice we'll meet that yellow sweater wearing ninja lady with the ice pick and fight her, before she realizes you're not with the new society order in Savannah (Which Walkie-Man is part of) who once kidnapped her making her not trust anyone in the city.

* At the end your left with Lee, Clem, Kenny, Christa, and Ice pick lady going into episode 5.

Thoughts? Theories?
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  • Lee and Clem live. There. I called it!
  • Kenny will survive this season!
  • The boat idea falls apart by the time you reach one, prompting Kenny to give up hope and turn to drinking.

    Chuck dies trying to protect Clementine.

    Omid is abandoned or caught by a Walker because of his leg, based on player choice.

    Christa offs herself.

    Ben is caught by Walkers, dies before he can "punch his ticket".

    Kenny does something stupid in his depression, sobers up when all goes to hell
    and protects Lee / Clementine because they're the only people left for him.

    Clementine runs off, leaving the group to try and find her parents and this takes the majority of the episode's events.

    Crawford was a "safe haven" which raped women "for the good of humanity" or some other bullshit.

    Icepick Lady is from Crawford or heard about it causing her to be very protective about herself which prompts the fight with Lee.

    Walkie-Talkie Man is part of a society, maybe remnants of Crawford, which is trying to lure Clementine to use as a breeder.

    [unlikely] I'm half-expecting Lee gets bitten and the final episode occurs before Lee goes under.
  • -Chuck dies in the walker attack in the beginning of episode 4.

    -Omid dies due to his disability.

    -Christa commits suicide after trying to cope with Omid's death.

    -Walkie talkie guy gets bitten by walkers.

    -Ben gets bitten by walkers.

    -Ninja girl, Kenny, Clem, and Lee make it to episode 5.
    • The player has the choice to tell Kenny about Ben or to keep it a secret
    • If you tell Kenny, Kenny kills Ben in a drunken rage. If you don't, Ben dies in a walker attack
    • Omid's leg gets very bad and slows the group down / Christa wants to carry him, Kenny wants to leave him
    • Christa vs Kenny / player forced to choose sides
    • Christa doesn't want to leave Omid behind and tries to kill Kenny (plus shes pregnant)
    • Player has to decide if they want to kill a pregnant Christa to save Kenny, or let Christa kill Kenny
    • Omid dies either way
    • Walkie-talkie man tries to rape Clem
    • Lee gets bit trying to save Clem

    / episode

    Then in ep.5, Lee begins to turn (but it takes time, like it did for Irene in ep.1) and he tries to find Clem's parents before he turns. But, there is no time left and he turns, and the ending will depend on all your decisions. If you killed the St. Johns, killed Larry, etc, etc. Clem will shoot Lee. If you didn't, Clem gets killed by Lee.
  • Key Events and/or Choices
    - Tell Kenny about Ben's betrayal
    - Leave Omid or Help him (and since he's screwed anyway... he'll probably sacrifice himself)
    - Kill Ben or Kill Ben or Kill Ben, let him zombify and then Kill Ben again.
    - Save Clem from Pedobear
    - Discover trying to get a boat, three months into a ZA, was a really really dumb idea.
  • I have a feeling that you will be able to tell Kenny about Ben's betrayal, if you can, I am gonna tell Kenny and watch him go apeshit on Ben :D
  • ^maybe, but I could see him taking a good long pull on that hooch and saying "fuck it."
  • ^maybe, but I could see him taking a good long pull on that hooch and saying "fuck it."

    i would say it depends how far into the episode it happens, If Kenny is already drinking heavily, He probably won't give a damn
  • I see Mr Whitta potentially laughing at our predictions.
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