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Don't stay up all night waiting for the release!

posted by jangjangchang on - last edited - Viewed by 1.1K users
Think. You could sit there refreshing the marketplace or waiting for a update but then when the game comes out you're going to be really tired and probably misread and hear stuff.

Just set an alarm to wake you up early. This way it's like you're fast traveling forward 7 hours instead of waiting them out then you can make a nice little breakfast hot pocket with some strawberry milk and play your episode 4.
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  • will be hard to sleep tonight.
  • No problem. I'm a mac user. Plan on playing it after school on wednesday.
  • Yeah, I waited up all night for episode 3's release and it took telltale until the evening after to get it to steam.
  • I have classes until 2:30 on Wednesday, and then work until 8! It's going to be unbearable waiting to come home and play it (PC).
  • WOW! What the fuck? You people really have hard time sleeping over a video game? No offense but that is just pathetic... I am mad about the late release date in EU PSN but I have no hard time to sleep...:D
  • TheBlackDeathOfFinland;690287 said:
    WOW! What the fuck? According to my profile, TWD is one of my all time favorite games (and that list includes such ancient classics as GTA San Andreas. Look it up, kiddies!), but nothing could be fucking lamer than openly expressing my enthusiasm for the penultimate episode's imminent release! And I assure you, that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that it's NOT coming out tomorrow in my country, fucking Finland! Nope, not a single fucking trace of butthurt here! My profile also lists violence as my only interest and equates pacifism with cowardice, so you know what a badass I am. By the way, I'm from fucking Finland! And you all suck! But hey, we're still cool right? I mean, I'm fully aware I'm a complete tool, but I sleep like a baby! A fat, ugly baby.
    Translated (sorry for the length, Finnish is difficult)
  • Juicius Maximus;690328 said:
    Translated (sorry for the length, Finnish is difficult)
    Hilarious :D
  • Juicius Maximus;690328 said:
    Translated (sorry for the length, Finnish is difficult)
    Gold! :D:p
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    I agree completely with the original post. ;)

    But this still is release date discussion and should go in the release date thread.
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