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Twd episode 3 for iPad, where are you?

posted by antothing on - last edited - Viewed by 357 users
Dear sirs and madams, i bought all episodes for iPad but ep3 is not available yet, can you give me some information? I am a tell tle games customer and also bought jurassic park the game for ipad and limited jp edition for pc. Thanks and my best regards!:confused:
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  • At the moment there is still no announced date.

    Although, I see there is an update from from the iTunes app store that allows push notifications to let us know when a new episode is ready to DL.

    So I'm guessing soon.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Please stop making new threads for this. All that stuff belongs in the dedicated release date thread.

    There's unfortunately still no release date for episode 3. :(
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