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episode 4 came out today for psn, tommorow for xbla

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so psn users, give us the details of what happens in episode 4 since we dont got it yet. this is in spoilers so i wanna ruin it for myself.
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  • Dave of Canada;690672 said:
    Rick won't die on the television series, they deviate from the comic but they won't go that far.

    And for you guys with your leet-spoilering abilities, any word on Kenny? :p
    [SPOILER]Don't you worry about that screenshot of the walker pulling on Kenny's leg. You have a chance to save him. Ben also tells him about how Duck and Katjaa's death was his fault, and he SNAPS.[/SPOILER]
  • So what's the news on Omid and Christa?
  • they are good and will help me rescue Clem, we get medicine for Omid!
  • Thanks guys.

    I'm going to hate/love this episode.

    Damn you, Whitta!
  • chuck dies, ben can die if you want him to/let him, lee gets bitten, clem gets kidnapped at ending. gonna be a suspenseful final episode in 5.
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