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[SPOILERS]The Walking Dead Episode 4 REVIEW Thread

posted by Vainamoinen Moderator on - last edited - Viewed by 22.6K users
Yup, this is it. Post your long and short, detailed or general, random or specific thoughts about "Around every Corner" right here.

No spoiler tags necessary, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU'VE PLAYED THE EPISODE!!!

AND I'll add an open poll to this thread for you to rate the episode on a scale from one to ten. It's not a substitute for a constructive review... it's just because I like polls.

Please ignore the results if Gary Whitta votes a 10. :D

edit: I created the poll as an open poll so you could see who voted which number... but it seems like Jake had different plans. So now Gary can vote and you wouldn't even know. ;)
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  • jbdmt87;690738 said:
    Same here! However, she just might return in episode 5! I just posted something about this. Perhaps Molly was the girl on the tape that Lee found. Makes sense because she went crazy on the zombie doctor (the same one on the tape). Also, there was no explanation of her leaving for a brief moment after finding the battery. My guess is she gave birth to the child and is keeping it safe somewhere. She probably left for that brief moment to check back. And maybe she's not alone? Guess we'll see in the last episode
    She left to get a picture of her sister who died. Lee needed to confront her when she returns with the battery.
  • Christoaster;690729 said:
    No. If you watch the third tape it shows Molly and not the other girl.

    No she did not give birth to her child LOL. It's unknown to what she did when she left, we may find out next episode. But hell no in way did she give birth to a baby, LMFAO.
    Only seen two tapes. Gonna go back to see the third. I guess the only significance of the tape was to show how the camp became compromised. Hopefully molly makes a return in episode 5 though.
  • Tsupi;690743 said:
    She left to get a picture of her sister who died. Lee needed to confront her when she returns with the battery.
    Ahhh. Ok. I was wondering who that was in the picture. Makes sense. Guess I wasn't paying much attention on my first play through. lol!
  • yeah, i completely missed the third tape. lol! so much for my dumb theory. haha! molly is one bad ass character though.

    This episode was the worst (emotionally) episode yet. You thought the last two were bad? I laugh at that.

    This whole episode really brought out the fun and sadness into this game. No longer is Lee, Rick in disguise, the unexpected happens.

    At the beginning all I saw was the same WD things we see all the time. Zombies everywhere, drama, getting pissed at Ben, the works. I soon saw tha his liaise was far from it. The boy in the attic, he looked like Duck, and that saddend me morally. So from the beggining I was already fucked in the mind. But I soon forgot about that as TWD went Dead Island on us and made us go through a lot of zombies in a sewer.

    After some events we found lee and friends at the Crawford school gathering supplies. Oh, btw, the boat plan failed. But brave Clem found a boat that needed parts. Anywho nothing of importance really happend. But when we escaped the place we found the Kick Ass Lee and he killed dozens of undead. It was fun to speculate. But soon after, the moment, that now has little importance, was to save or let Ben die. See he was about to fall. And the classic "leave me; so you can escape" scene happend. I grew fond of Ben, but Kenny was my bro, and Ben wanted to die, so Ben drifted onto the wood floor. Only to soon be eaten by the damned. I wished he died BEFORE the zombies we him; as I felt sorrow and dipair from watching him die. From whom the bell tolls. Now I can't even sing the Metallica song, as the horror doesn't end there. This guy Vernon, who is a doctor; but kinda an ass. See he took Clem at the end, he thought it was best...
    But I did not approve of such thing. So Lee went to look for his daughter he never had. Only to slowly grab the fucking walky talky, and get BITTEN.
    At that point I was like "SEASON 2 BETTE HAVE CLEM AS A TEENAGER OT SOMEHING, CAUSE THE LEEGACY SHALL NOT PERISH!" Event event event, I decided to look for Clem by myself, I have no idea if lee is gonna turn and possibly bite someone.

    Well, this is the walking dead..............
  • And in the end....

    It's ben's fault......
  • NickTTG;690742 said:
    Brie was in fact our contest winner! I love her last little moment in 4; so sick.
    Brie? When did they show that? Please explain.
  • Gary Whitta;690735 said:
    Sounds like some of you are not seeing Molly's full story. It's conditional.
    How do you mean conditional? as in by our choices, Or by hers as in she uses the group to find a semblence of revenge on the doctor for letting her sister die.

    I do think you did a great job on writing the story for episode 4, I really didn't expect Lee's outcome that was excellent cant wait for episode 5.
  • Also this was on the iPod, so bear with the spelling.
  • Christoaster;690758 said:
    Brie? When did they show that? Please explain.
    She got attacked in the classroom and her intestine's got ripped out it was awesome she was a bitch anyways.
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