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SPOILERS: Did anyone have similar choices I made in episode 4?

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In Episode 4, which I just played, The main choices I made were

1. I killed the boy zombie in the attic.

2. I decided to kill Ben when he was in the bell tower, because Clementine was already outside and Ben was a real A-hole for being in the bandit group and leaving Clementine (and yes I know he said he was shaken and he just ran away, but still.)

3. I decided not to show the bite because I was afraid they were going to kick me out of the group because of that.

4. I took Kenny with me to find Clem because I wanted Omid taken care of by Christa.

Anybody have the same (or almost the same) choices as me?
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  • - i killed the boy in the attack

    - i saved ben

    - i showed the bite

    - i went with everyone but ben (mostly due to a quick response time)
  • I killed the kid. (That was so sad by the way , he looked like Duck and starving to death scared in your attic must have been the worst way to die).

    I saved Ben. I just didn't want to see more people dying.

    I showed the bite to the group

    I took the whole team with me. Everyone gladly agreed to come along to save Clem except Ben who you had to kind of convince. In the end he decided to come to make things right and cause he owed it to Clementine.
  • I smashed the kids head in with the Pin-Tool from Episode 3.

    I did not bring Clem to Crawford. I told her to stay behind and if anything out of the ordinary occured. I told her to run and hide. It was a good decision. Crawford turned out to be insanely dangerous. Only a lunatic would bring a child on that hunt.

    I saw the tape of Molly selling her fronts for medicine. I did not confront her about it. I know, but she doesn't know I know. Maybe she'll pop up in Ep5...

    As much of an imbecile Ben is I pulled him up. If he dies it will have to be in a situation that is out of my control. I'm apathetic to his character. If he dies I won't cry, but I won't be murdering him.

    I told Vernon he can't take Clem.

    The choices at the end were bizarre. I showed the group the bite, and I took Kenny, Christa and Omid. I told Ben to watch the boat. I was trying to have just me and Kenny go, but whatever option I chose made Christa and Omid tag along as well.

    My final choice on the walkie was " What do you want from me " or something similar.

    Also it seems in my game. Lee is the whipping boy. I absolutely got whupped by Kenny in the train since I couldn't find the dot, and I couldn't press the button quick enough to stop Molly from flooring me. Well, atleast I'm a semi-competent Zombie killer.
  • - Killed the boy with the Gun

    - Didn't kill Ben, as much as he was an asshole in EP4, He wanted to give his life to save the group in the end, and I figured if something were to happen to Lee, Ben would try and step up and be like Lee.

    - I showed my Bite, what purpose would there be if I consealed it, I would've turned and killed everyone on the boat.

    - I told Christa and Omid to come with me, Kenny said I didn't have his back, but I always did, but he came with me in the end, Ben came with me too I want him to prove his worth, I'm sure he can do it.

    It's a game, but the story is good, you take the story seriously and adapt with the emotions within the story, and you'll find yourself doing things you really would do.
    "going out to the serious gamers that actually adapt to the story"
  • -I offered it to Kenny first, but he was too broken up. Finished the boy with the gun.

    -Ben's been screwing up, but for the most part he's been trying to help. The deal with the bandits was to protect us, and it's not like he called in the zombies to kill us all. Killing him wouldn't have solved anything. A willing and able body can be useful, in a few ways.

    -No reason to hide the bite, they would have found out anyway. Showing it helps them realize what the situation is.

    -I managed to gather everyone with me. I had to remind Kenny that Clem was my family, and to deal with Ben coming along. Ben needed a bit of a push as well, I'm hoping he can find some way to help.

    Man, this was a nerve-wracking episode for me. Just solid development, I think.
  • I really want Chuck in my team. Too bad
  • LuckilyCursed;691056 said:
    I had to remind Kenny that Clem was my family
    Oh, man. When I told Kenny that Clem was my family, he got so pissed at me. He said something to the effect of "How dare you talk to ME about family?"
  • thesporkman;691064 said:
    Oh, man. When I told Kenny that Clem was my family, he got so pissed at me. He said something to the effect of "How dare you talk to ME about family?"
    If you are good enough to Duck and his wife, he will be ok with you.
  • Chanut_N;691067 said:
    If you are good enough to Duck and his wife, he will be ok with you.
    What constitutes that? I went for Shawn in EP1. Didn't help kill Larry. Sided down the middle between Kenny and Lily.

    Did the simple things register? Like feeding Duck? Giving him a High-Five? Giving him water when he was dieing? Shooting him in the head? What choices could I have made that allowed Kenny to tag along with me when I said Clem was family?

    Also, bringing all of these people to find Clem may make a bad scenario worse. We are pretty sure Christa is pregnant. I know, but she doesn't know I know. That is why I was trying to get atleast Christa to stay with Ben to watch the boat.

    I have no idea how this will play out. Lee is already dead so I can do virtually anything immoral to get Clem back. EP.5 is no mercy. Lee is dead so I'm bringing down the carnage on those who oppose me. BUT; with Kenny, Christa, Omid they could be "plot wood" for the "fire" and start dieing one by one. Which would be horrible. I'm seriously regretting bringing Christa, but what is done is done.

    On the other hand. The herd from the train depot seems to be in Savannah. So I wonder how Ben is tackling that back at the house. I doubt he would be spotted. He is pretty well fortified.
  • -I killed the boy in the attic
    -I killed Ben
    -I hid the bite and only Kenny Is coming with me.(I changed that I showed the bite and Christa and Omid and Kenny are coming with me).
    I dont know If thats the right decision.But I hate that they didnt put a teaser trailer for Episode 5.I know that Its totally full of spoilers but cmon TTG I CANNOT WAIT.
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