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EP4 SPOILERS ... Do you save?

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Do you save Ben? Why?
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  • I didn't end up saving him but I felt terrible for it afterwards. Oh well, in my playthrough, there's no rewinding. :(
  • Only saw a stream where someone didn't save him but I will when I end up playing it for myself. I felt sad afterword especially when Clem talked about him.
  • Yes, I saved him. He's just a scared teenager, there was no reason to let him die. Who knows, he may eventually prove himself.
  • CQ76;690791 said:
    Yes, I saved him. He's just a scared teenager, there was no reason to let him die. Who knows, he may eventually prove himself.
    like your optimism but he hasnt helped us at all in the past episodes. He didnt even try to save clem in the begining of episode 4 and kenny would have killed him if we didnt. He had plenty of times to prove himself but just didnt and he deserved to die.
  • I saved him. I hate the kid, but when it came down to letting go of his hand and letting him die when I knew I could save him, I just couldn't justify the murder to myself.
  • He doesn't have a bad heart, but he's too stupid. Not forgiving him for all of what he caused in episode 3. Have to admit though, when the moment came I started to panic and had to pause to think it through. I felt pretty bad when I let him die. I don't think he deserved to die, but I wasn't/am not going to forgive him for causing Carley, Katjaa, and Duck's deaths.
    And while Carley probably wouldn't have wanted to have me let Ben die because she died defending him, I just thought of avenging her atm, haha. In the end, he wasn't a bad kid.
    Felt bad afterwards, especially with how Clementine was upset.
  • Naive Kid, but at least he told the group. He could've hid it and for all we knew we would never know who was the traitor.

    Naive, but honest. We'll work on the Naivete :D
  • I didn't end up saving Ben, but I thought real hard when deciding. I figured Ben has a fixed way of trouble following him where ever he goes, think about it Ben was there when Travis and his dad died, caused Carley's/Doug's inevitable death by making the choice to supply the Bandits which also led to Katjaa and Duck's death, left Clementine alone at the beginning of Ep.4, and took the hatchet that was bracing the door in Crawford from the zombies. Sure I really liked Ben but when it came to letting him die I had to. It was his dying wish and I figured Ben was sort of a screw up ever since I met him, and I had to decide to let him die an honorable death or bring him back with me so Kenny can deal with him for the emotional pain that he brought upon him and most likely leave him stranded alone while he drives off in the boat or worst case scenario Kenny even killing him. I also thought how could a person deny anothers dying wish in the current messed up world that they are living in. Ben's last dying words really tore me up inside but in the end it is a Zombie Apocalypse, some people are just going to have to die and some will live.
  • I didn't let Ben die. That would pretty much mean Lee killed him. Even though he is stupid, his heart is in the right place. Plus, I convinced him to come help find Clem, so he can prove himself. I thought I made the right decision:)
  • Same here. I couldn't bring myself to disappoint Clem. I had to rewind.
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