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[MAJOR EPISODE 4 SPOILERS] Does Lee have a ...

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chance of survival? I mean he has gotten bitten and there doesn't seem to be much hope for him. Is there anyway that Lee can somehow survive... It really makes me sad thinking about it, but I just want to believe he'll live.

I loved this episode, a lot more action packed than the last episodes and very interesting. Sucks that Chuck died, I was really starting to like him after he saved Clementine. This game got my heart beating like crazy, holy shit.

Good job Telltale.
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  • The bite doesn't pump the infection, everyone is already infected.

    The bite kills you because of bloodloss and infection, so Lee still has a chance.

    A slim chance sure, but a chance.
  • Is there a Doctor in the House (group) with a vac. or cure? hmmm. could find out in ep.5
  • No way! Lee is one of my favorite characters! He can't die!
  • fred10359;690889 said:
    No way! Lee is one of my favorite characters! He can't die!
    Ep 5 will be the end of the season, high chances he'll die.
  • Lee is a gonner and I'm pissed! We will prob have a choice to do it ourselves or ask Clem to do it.
  • Or it could end with Clem being killed either by Lee who was overcome by the infection or by the man on the other side of the radio.
  • Looks like season 2 wont have lee in it :'( Unless they somehow find a cure for a bite which I highly dought.
    but to be honest I cant predict the ending for episode 5, Telltale throw so much unexpected shit at us so who knows what could happen.
  • I'm still pissed there's no idea to suggest amputation of the arm, it's better to have a chance than to have none at all.
  • I don't even think amputation would help. Remember how you could amputate the teachers leg in ep 2 and he died anyway? that was with Katjaa who had atleast veterinary training. The only person who could do it properly and have any hope of keeping Lee alive afterwards is Vernon and he had left by that point.

    Unlike monty python, you don't just amputate a limb and shrug it off.
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