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The Walking Dead Ep 4 RELEASE DATES ARE OUT! PSN NA October 9th, PC/Mac/Xbox 10th!

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Because if I don't make this thread, someone else will. As of now, no prize, because I'm still finishing The Ripper's comic cover.

If-and only if- I finish it by the end of the first week of September, I'll offer what I did last time, one randomly chosen person from those who guess the correct date (I'll make multiple winners if console and PC are not released on the same day) will get a TWD cover of themselves (or a friend/family member)

iOS releases are on a different schedule, so that doesn't count as a win. Just Mac/PC-Xbox-PS3 guesses.

Happy guessing!

-Sorry I remade the thread, poll wasn't working properly.
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  • NOOOOO! Still over 3 hours of school left! ;-;
  • Good time for my comp to crash while playing XCOM, didn't think the episode would be up by now.

    That's Steam, just fyi you other guys.
  • Id really like to know how people have it on pc already ive seen like 3 streamers already playing it.
  • People who bought from Telltale Store directly are being treated like... manure. :(
  • My steam isn't updating… Does anyone know what the release for Europe is (I live in the Netherlands)
  • I still have the 15-minute-start-logo when I boot up the game on my mac. Thought that would be fixed by now...
  • anyone know what time it'll be available for download on xbox in the UK?
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    The_Ripper wrote: »
    People who bought from Telltale Store directly are being treated like... manure. :(

    Oh, Rip... no, you're not "treated" and not like "manure" either. :(

    The game was advertised as releasing today PST during Telltale's business hours. This they will do. Yup, Steam has taken a shortcut by at least 10 hours (which is great for the Steam users). But the fact others get the game a little earlier than expected doesn't mean that you are treated very badly - or that I am, come to speak of it.

    Still, I assume that Telltale is very VERY aware of how the Telltale store has somehow ended up with the short end of the stick this time compared to [some!!] consoles and Steam users. I don't see this as intentional, but as I have always liked the TTG store a lot, it does hurt. But it can't be helped now (assuming they're not bringing the Season DVD back as a surprise, which I hope they forgive me for continuously asking for) and I'd rather expect visible countermeasures with Fables.

    The former glory of the Telltale store MUST be restored. ;)

    Chattyman wrote: »
    anyone know what time it'll be available for download on xbox in the UK?

    The Xbox release should be international, so: later today. Do the xbox users in here have an experience based estimate as to the expected update time (PST... or at least tell us where you live ;) )?
  • just registered, on xbox live, can download from within the game.
  • For Xbox gamers the episode is now available to purchase at this link and via the in game menus -

    Be warned though, has not been updated to reflect the new episode in your game activity. The Walking Dead still reads as 24 achievements for 300 points. If you play the episode now, you will have to recover your gamertag when they do update the website. It took them 8 hours to do this when episode two was released.
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