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SPOILERS: Did anyone have similar choices I made in episode 4?

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In Episode 4, which I just played, The main choices I made were

1. I killed the boy zombie in the attic.

2. I decided to kill Ben when he was in the bell tower, because Clementine was already outside and Ben was a real A-hole for being in the bandit group and leaving Clementine (and yes I know he said he was shaken and he just ran away, but still.)

3. I decided not to show the bite because I was afraid they were going to kick me out of the group because of that.

4. I took Kenny with me to find Clem because I wanted Omid taken care of by Christa.

Anybody have the same (or almost the same) choices as me?
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  • 1. I let Kenny kill the boy. Still not sure if it was for the better or worse.

    2. I let Ben fall. He managed to fuck up the first group (which for me meant Carley dead and Lilly left in the woods) and then the idiot lets zombies into the school (ending up with Brie and Molly dead, since I failed at saving her). He's just too damn clumsy, stupid and selfish to be someone to rely on. I probably would have still pulled him up if he hadn't told me to let go.

    3. I showed the bite because God knows I'd be pissed as fuck if someone in the group got bitten and didn't tell me. A typical Ben thing to do. Plus, I trusted that the group wouldn't turn their backs on me.

    4. At first I told them I wanted to go alone, but then Christa and Omid was like "NO WAY!", and opted to follow, which I reluctantly agreed on. I let Kenny tag along as well, seeing as he is probably more capable than the other two anyway.
  • Killed the boy

    let clem in the house

    shot molly by accident

    let ben die

    showed the bite and omid, christa came with me. Kenny didn't, even with me insisting, because I was against him in episode 1 and 2. After that episodes I aways tried to gain his trust and he kept mad.
  • l kill the boy.

    Took Clem with Me to Crawford.

    Save Ben(give thanks to Carley ,your Luck boy)!

    Clem save Molly for me!

    Showed the bite,Omid, Christa and Kenny came with me, I let Ben choose if he wanted to come with me but he said I did not trust him. (He finally said something intelligent).
  • I killed the kid too.

    I haven't killed Ben.

    I showed the bite to the others too.

    I went with everyone except Ben.
  • Killed the boy. I couldn't tell Kenny to do it.
    Brought Clem to Crawford. I couldn't just leave her with an almost dying Omid.
    Saved Ben. Like Kenny once said, I'm not letting anyone else get eaten today.
    Didn't help Molly. The game was laggy as hell and I was afraid of shooting her.
    Confronted Molly about the tape, but then sympathized with her.
    Told Vernon I needed to think about it.
    Showed everyone the bite. They deserved to know.
    Got Christa, Omid and Kenny to help me. Tried to get Ben but time to respond was way too short.
  • NeonBlade;691125 said:
    What constitutes that? I went for Shawn in EP1. Didn't help kill Larry. Sided down the middle between Kenny and Lily.

    Did the simple things register? Like feeding Duck? Giving him a High-Five? Giving him water when he was dieing? Shooting him in the head? What choices could I have made that allowed Kenny to tag along with me when I said Clem was family?

    I am not really sure though.
    My lee wasn't that super friend of Kenny. I am neutral regarding the Lilly-Kenny situation but I helped him kill Larry.

    As for the simple things, Yeah I AlWAYS gave something to Duck and also the one who killed Duck (I killed that kid on the attic too)

    But I also saved Ben against Kenny will and he obviously didn't like it.

    At first he didn't want to go with me. He said something like "you are not that good to me" (Not his exact word) but when I said "Clem is my family" he seemed to understand and joined me in the end.
  • I killed the kid in the attic - crushed his head with my foot. Seemed like the quietest option. Originally I handed the gun to Kenny, but he was too shaken up to do it.

    I didn't take Clementine to Crawford - and I'm glad I didn't! Although I'd be interested to see how it plays out differently.

    I saved Ben. I've lost too many people already.

    I saved Molly. What happens if you don't make the shot? I've heard Clem saves her, but if you leave Clem at the manor?

    Confronted Molly about the tape and sympathised with her.

    Told Vernon I needed time to think about it.

    Hid my bite. I'm slightly regretting this one, and I did it in a panic. To make up for it, I told the group that I wanted to go after Clem alone, incase I was to turn and kill one of them.

    Damn, this game is hard..
  • I killed the boy aswell

    Did not take Clem to Crawford, it just freaked me out too much to bring her.

    I saved Ben, and Molly.

    Confronted Molly and sympathised with her

    I lied to Vernon about me being Clem's dad and I told him to walk away.

    I showed them my bite

    Everybody came with me except Kenny, which I don't really understand cause I always sided with him. Aw well, someone has to watch the boat for when I get my girl back.
  • I feel like I was the only one who didn't kill the boy in the attic. Kenny was really beating himself up over not being able to do it because I killed Duck for him, and I felt that this was really important for Kenny to get over. If he encounters something like this again and chokes up, it could be really bad.

    I didn't even know about Molly's tape. It was pretty obvious early on tha she was involved with the group and I kept wanting to find out more, but I couldn't focus on much else besides keeping the plot going as I was pulling an all-nighter playing this game. Can anyone tell me how to get my hands on that?

    I took Clem with me because I took Chuck's (RIP) advice to heart. If I keep treating her like a little girl, she is going to end up dead. I felt responsible for making sure she was able to take care of herself should something happen to me (which, as we find out, will).

    I totally felt like Ben was going to squirm out of Lee's hand intentionally and die without a prompted choice, because of the cinematographic clues in the scene, and I felt myself, especially after seeing Clem defend him, really hoping he wouldn't die. I couldn't stay mad about him for killing Carley because that was more Lilly's fault (and a bit of Carley's as well) and I identified with Ben making mistakes under pressure after all. And it was really harsh seeing him take a beating from Kenny and himself this episode. I think if I killed him I would have really felt horrible. Back at the voting scene, when I chose to let him stay after Clementine's vote, Lee made a very good point that kicking Ben out because he was a liability would make them no better than Crawford.

    Initially, I hid my bite and chose to save Clem alone because I didn't want to be a burden and a danger to everyone else, and the last scene was particularly haunting. I thought Lee was gonna up and join the horde as a zombie. I replayed the ending though and this time chose to reveal my bite and asked everyone to come along. I felt this better suited the game (at least my playthrough) better in that Lee has the backing and trust of everyone in the group now and has become the group leader.

    I have to say, I loved this episode because I hated how many people bitched at how Telltale creates an "illusion of choice" purely because of episode 3, when episode 3 was specifically about events being out of your control. I think episode 4 responded to the criticism by being the most complex and branching episodes to date.
  • I didn't even know about Molly's tape. It was pretty obvious early on tha she was involved with the group and I kept wanting to find out more, but I couldn't focus on much else besides keeping the plot going as I was pulling an all-nighter playing this game. Can anyone tell me how to get my hands on that?
    When lee tells vernon and christa to go on without him, go outside the nurse's station,and look at/open the locker just around the corner. The one with the bloody handprint (and the name Logan) on.
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