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Strange Issue with Walking Dead for Mac - all options start game from beginning

posted by monkeywonder on - last edited - Viewed by 326 users

I'm having a problem where any option I select from the main screen causes the game to start from the beginning - even if I press Settings or Exit Game it just restarts from episode one (I have to command-Q to exit the program). I've tried re-installing and I haven't experienced this issue before today when I opened it to play episode 3. Is anybody else having this problem or have any suggestions I might try to make it work? I'm using a macbook pro Retina display with Mountain Lion.

Thanks :)
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  • I got exactely the same issue. The second time I started the game, no matter what I click, even exit, will start a new game from the beginning. Reinstalling did not fix the issue!!!

    I am also using a macbook retina!!
  • I tried to email you but I didn't get any reply!! Plz get in touch, this issue makes it impossible to play the game!!
  • everybody try sending them messages on twitter maybe if the problems were mpre well known they would do something about them.
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