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The Walking Dead Game by Activision

posted by Wolfstar27 on - last edited - Viewed by 203 users
I just found out that Activision are doing a first person shooter of the walking dead based off the Tv series, which has Daryl and his brother before they go to Atlanta. It supposed to use stealth and you have to reserve your ammo etc

to be honest I'm not to sure after playing Telltale Awesome story driven adventure game, that id be up for another fps about zombies, I mean Robert Kirkman said in the playing dead interview that reason why he chose telltale, is cause the way they make the game. cause the walking dead is really about the people and how they handle survival and how people react to each other in the situation thats given to them, its a story that just happens to have zombies in it.

so how do you feel about a fps Walking dead game?
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