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EP4 SPOILERS ... Do you save?

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Do you save Ben? Why?
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  • He is not a dick or anything he is just idiot and impotent. I won't directly kill idiot and impotent people so I saved him.

    It's not a logical choice but I knew what I was doing
  • I was never mad at him for what he done. My first time playing: I will save him.
    Now I'm going to play again and see what happens if I let him die. Lol
  • Saved him. Unlike Larry and Duck, there's no real reason to kill him. Carley died because she insulted psycho Lilly, Duck died because Katjaa took more than enough time to start running in the motel and Katjaa killed herself. The only person who he kinda killed was Brie.
  • No. I don't hate him or anything, but I didn't want to risk the safety of the rest of the group (including Clem) by wasting precious seconds pulling him up - especially as he was telling me to let go.

    Of course, hindsight is 20/20. If I'd known saving him wasn't going to result in the death of somebody else then I'd have done so, but at the time I couldn't risk it.
  • I resolved to kill whoever was responsible for giving supplies to the bandits, and I would have done so if the game had allowed me to push Ben off the train. Unfortunately, it didn't. So I thought I would give him another chance. And he kept screwing up in this episode too. So when the decision had to be made, I chose not to save him. He was a liability.
  • Yes, because I'm not from Crawford. xd
  • I saved Ben in my first playthrough, the reason being that no matter how stupid you are is that we won't survive with few people.

    Then I rewinded & I killed Ben, kind of regretting it afterwards.
  • Saved Ben.

    Two reasons

    1. Killing him would bring Lee down to what Crawford was.
    2. Clementine
  • I saved Ben. As pissed as I was that he couldn't keep his mouth shut, at least he felt guilty and was willing to sacrifice himself when the time came. I figure he's blacked out some of the red in his ledger.

    But that hatchet thing was REALLY stupid.
  • Ben is actually useful this episode, but he still make some really dumb things! But i saved him, if someone have to kill him, i should be Kenny
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