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Kenny, what? (Episode 4 spoilers)

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Why did Kenny say I never did anything for him near the end of episode 4? Hate to be that guy but my experience was ruined because Kenny and I have been bros for life in this game. I backed him up on everything, always thought of the group and made sure his family was taken care of. At the end of this one he claims I wasn't there for him and that I didn't care about the group and only myself.

I don't get it, how the hell did he come to this conclusion? There's no way this was a static thing, unaffected by choice. It's too much of a ballsy claim for it to be. Why is he acting this way? I can gurantee that I did everything Kenny would have wanted me to do, or asked me to do without question. Is it a bug or is there one teeny weeny decision that just tipped the scales.

'Cause I killed the hell out of Larry. I backed him up against Lilly all the time. Claimed he was the groups leader. Bah, it just aggrovates me to see my choices get blown up in my face by a character I had grown to appreciate through these 4 episodes.

Edit: In my blind rage of episode 4 'hate' :P I failed to see the same discussion below, my bad. <3
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  • Kenny is kinda weird, lol, if you don't side with him in the meat locker he'll threat you like a piece of shit.
  • Did you admit about being bitten?
    Are you honest with him about your past?
  • It seems there's plot flag errors. He gave me the "friends" speech in the one playthrough which I generally opposed him.
  • Same really. I was in the minority that saved Ben though so maybe it's that and not a glitch.
  • I think there's a lot of things that factor in with Kenny, I'll list some:

    Saving Duck or Shawn
    Siding with Larry or Kenny
    Siding with Kenny as Leader/Lilly as Leader/Side with no one
    Meat Locker Scene
    Supporting his plan to leave the motor inn
    Telling him your past or not
    Talk down or fight him
    Choosing who shoots Duck
    Supporting his boat plan
    Sticking up for Ben or side with Kenny
    Saving or killing Ben

    There are tons of times you can get his support or hate toward what you do or say so having him go with you at the end could be a combination of any number of these events.
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