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People are huge hypocrites!!!

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When episode three came, everybody was complaining on how they hated ben and wanted him to die. They failed to realize he was trying to help the group. Episode four comes along and ben tries to sacrifice his life. 78% of people saved him instead.
During the first two episodes, people were complaining how duck was a burden to the group. Episode three comes and everybody is depressed because duck died.
Why do people act this way?????? :confused:
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  • I dropped his ass.
  • Well I never liked Duck before or after his death, always stood up for Ben as well. I guess Larry is the only one I changed my opinion on.
  • Never liked duck, I coulden't drop Ben though. He's just a kid and he tries to bad he's a coward, but something tells me he will earn his keep later on.
  • Because of good writing.
  • I also forgot about larry. We all hated him until his heart attack came.
  • You might wnt to refrain from using words like 'everybody' and 'we all'.

    For one, I hated Larry, the only thing that dissapointed me about his death was that I couldn't do it myself then drop trou and lay a steamer down his neckhole.

    I also really liked Duck, I have a nephew that makes Duck seem like a lovable miniature Einstein by comparison. I also never blamed Ben for the bandit attack (though I wish I could have gut-punched him for abandoning Clem like he did).

    What you're seeing isnt necessarily 'everyone' being hypocrites, it's just a very diverse set of opinions by a large group of people.
  • Everybody's hypocritical about something. Anyhoo, that being said...

    These positions aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. For example, there's a difference between wanting Ben dead, and murdering the kid yourself... People like to keep their hands clean, I guess. Ditto for Duck dying off - was he a burden to the group? Absolutely. That doesn't make it any less sad that the poor kid had to bite it, even if the group's better off with him gone.
  • I'll admit, I almost dropped him. But then I pulled him up.

    Like Lee says to Clem at the end, Ben's a good kid who has made some mistakes. He didn't do anything purposely to hurt anyone (unless he's secretly an evil genius). I nearly threw him off the train, but that was just to scare him.

    Besides, he's another possible person to join you at the end.
  • I said in another thread that I dislike him after Episode 3, but there was no way I'd let him die if given the opportunity. Like Rick said from the TV show, we survive by pulling together, not apart.

    Turning our backs on our group will just end in everyone dying.
  • I didn't want him to die but at the same time, he didn't want to go on and I wasn't going to force him to. Kenny pissed me off with that little smart ass remark he made though. Fucking D bag
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