[TWD] help - we've downloaded 4 times

We purchased walking dead, the $25 was taken out of our account yesterday. When I login I can see it in "your games." i download the game and execute it to arrive at this screen: Your Telltale account does not currently have a license for this game. Would you like to go to the Telltale Game website to purchase the game now. Click Yes and we are back on website, login and see the game sitting there purchased and then the download screen. Tried Chrome and IE. How do we unlock this game???:eek:


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    Hi Cole, I've moved your query to the Shopping & Activation Support forum, where one of the Telltale guys should see it.
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    Thank you!!!
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    Hi Cole,

    I apologize for the problems you're experiencing trying to play The Walking Dead. Can you please give me a little more information about the error you are seeing? Does this error message appear when you try to run the installation file or after installation is complete when you try to play the game? Any information you can provide is much appreciated. Thank you.
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    Hi, I've been having the same problem.
    When I fire up the game on my PC, it goes to the initial screen that tells you to click to continue. After clicking a window pops up that says:
    "Your Telltale account does not currently have a
    license for this game. Would you like to go to the
    Telltale Games website to purchase the game now?"
    There is at no time a prompt to enter in my account information before this error message pops up. Clicking yes or no freezes the game, forcing me to shut it down from Ctrl-Alt-Delete.
    I had played the first three episodes without problem, but since Oct. 9th, I've been getting this error. Re-downloaded the installer, and re-installed twice, with no change.
    This error occurs after the game is installed and trying to be played.
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    I apologize for the issue you are experiencing. I looked through your purchase history and confirmed you do have the game on your account. Please make sure you are logged into your Telltale account before trying to play the game again. Also ensure you have a strong internet connection.
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    Getting the same error :(
    Rebootet my PC and my router 2 times, but nothing worked for me :(

    I forced the loginscreen to show up by press and hold the space bar on startup.
    After I logged in, it said "connecting" and then nothing happend. Just the line of text on the header is running through. :/

    //edit 2:
    After restarting the game several times I now get the first error again. :(
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    If you have entered your login information incorrectly, your login will fail, but may 'hide' the login window behind the game window. Please try using Alt-tab to see if the window is being hidden.
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