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Who shot the boy?

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Since Kenny couldn't i did :( what did you guys do???
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  • I had Kenny shoot him. I figured he would have to face his demons.
  • Let Kenny do it. I shot Duck because it was his son but he needs to come to terms with what happened, I can't shelter him more than I've already have and I handed him the gun and told him he could do it.

    I think, for the sake of his mental health, it'll probably be for the best.
  • I bashed the kids brains in.

    I understand why others made Kenny do it but I didn't have the heart to make him shoot a kid like Duck.
  • Why shoot him? The gun could have attracted zombies to the house... or at the very least alarmed the others downstairs. I bashed his brains in with one of the tools I had from the train.
  • I let Kenny shoot Duck because it was his son, but I decided I'd be the one to kill Bobby McSkellington. Bashed his head in with a wrench, didn't want to attract more zombies with the noise.
  • Because I made him shoot Duck I found it only fair to do this myself. I walked over and bashed his brains in, shooting a bullet was far to risky.
  • i shot duck, and i shot the boy but this made me feel like it could foreshadow episode 5. Maybe in episode 5, lee gets trapped and its up to kenny to save himself from some zombie kids(maybe they go in a school or something) and kenny either lives or dies depending on if you had him shoot duck or the boy in the attic(or both).
  • i had no idea you could hit him with a weapon
  • I stood on his head. Triggers an emotional little sequence too.
  • Okay... WTF were you guys shooting the boy! you had the opportunity for just step on his head. What about the god dam sound, i though it would bring walkers...
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