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[SPOILERS]The Walking Dead Episode 4 REVIEW Thread

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Yup, this is it. Post your long and short, detailed or general, random or specific thoughts about "Around every Corner" right here.

No spoiler tags necessary, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU'VE PLAYED THE EPISODE!!!

AND I'll add an open poll to this thread for you to rate the episode on a scale from one to ten. It's not a substitute for a constructive review... it's just because I like polls.

Please ignore the results if Gary Whitta votes a 10. :D

edit: I created the poll as an open poll so you could see who voted which number... but it seems like Jake had different plans. So now Gary can vote and you wouldn't even know. ;)
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  • Thank you Garry! Way to go on ep4! FINE continuation in raising the bar - after years of gaming I can say this series as a whole so far has some of the best writing Ive ever experienced in a game. Fantastic Telltale... more! more!
  • Baffled... again... Telltale, you should really be proud of yourselves! Well done!
  • reversingmemories;690741 said:
    Yes, I sided with Lilly in the meat locker. Kenny went to help rescue Clem. He said how I sometimes didn't have his back, but he did say that I helped his family all the time, so that made him come along with me.
    I guess the game is kind of random then because I did everything for his family. I saved his son, fed him in episode 1 and 2, saved his wife 3 times, saved Kenny in Savannah and only refused to kill Larry and Kenny refused to help me find Clementine. Atmittedly I did kick his arse on the train but surely saving his life should trump that. Kenny has been antagonistic towards me ever since I refused to kill Larry. Even at the end of episode 2 when he said there would be fall out I chose not to respond so he wouldn't be more upset and he said he will do things his way, drawing a line and deciding to stand against me.

    Maybe it was still possible to convince Kenny to come but I got so angry when he reacted the way he did and turned his back on Clementine despite me reminding him that Clementine is responsible for the boat and his salvation that I just told him to go and fuck himself. Lee said it with such anger and hatrid that Kenny's ties to the group are completely broken. What was interesting is that the rest of the group agreed with me and left Kenny by himself which reassured me that I was in the right and Kenny was being unreasonable and selfish.
  • Btw is it actually possible to save Molly? I've trying to shoot that thing for almost half an hour but I always hit her.

    EDIT: Nevermind. I finally did it.
  • XIM1dg3tIX;691834 said:
    Can someone tell me how you find out about mollies backstory (3rd tape) I would really like to know :) also I love mollie so upset that she didn't stay she was so badass everytime I saw her I was like she's got to be from Assasins creed !!!!
    Lee finds a combo on a paper in the zombie doc's pocket when you search him for the tape. Then there is a locker as your walking to the nurses office. The third tape is in there.

    I was amazed with this episode. I got everyone to come with me with no problems at all. Kenny had my back right away, just as I have through the whole series. I am just put set that Lee got bit. I have working on being a "father" figure to Clem this whole time, and now she loses a "second" dad. I feel so bad for her. But there is a reason why the people took her, and wanted to take her.. Maybe her blood carries the cure to the out break.. lol.
  • The question is when lee dies who will clem be left with if she lives. I wonder... also
    THHHHHHHHATTTT WOMMMMAAANNNN IS PREGNANT foget her name but it's obvs with tape 2 and her puking.
  • By the time I finished, 16% of players got everyone in the group to go with Lee to find Clem. Anyone that did, how did you convince Kenny? Part of me feels like it has to do back in Episode 2, if you helped him kill Larry or not.
  • SouthWardRB;690755 said:

    This episode was the worst (emotionally) episode yet. You thought the last two were bad? I laugh at that.

    This whole episode really brought out the fun and sadness into this game. No longer is Lee, Rick in disguise, the unexpected happens.

    At the beginning all I saw was the same WD things we see all the time. Zombies everywhere, drama, getting pissed at Ben, the works. I soon saw tha his liaise was far from it. The boy in the attic, he looked like Duck, and that saddend me morally. So from the beggining I was already fucked in the mind. But I soon forgot about that as TWD went Dead Island on us and made us go through a lot of zombies in a sewer.

    After some events we found lee and friends at the Crawford school gathering supplies. Oh, btw, the boat plan failed. But brave Clem found a boat that needed parts. Anywho nothing of importance really happend. But when we escaped the place we found the Kick Ass Lee and he killed dozens of undead. It was fun to speculate. But soon after, the moment, that now has little importance, was to save or let Ben die. See he was about to fall. And the classic "leave me; so you can escape" scene happend. I grew fond of Ben, but Kenny was my bro, and Ben wanted to die, so Ben drifted onto the wood floor. Only to soon be eaten by the damned. I wished he died BEFORE the zombies we him; as I felt sorrow and dipair from watching him die. From whom the bell tolls. Now I can't even sing the Metallica song, as the horror doesn't end there. This guy Vernon, who is a doctor; but kinda an ass. See he took Clem at the end, he thought it was best...
    But I did not approve of such thing. So Lee went to look for his daughter he never had. Only to slowly grab the fucking walky talky, and get BITTEN.
    At that point I was like "SEASON 2 BETTE HAVE CLEM AS A TEENAGER OT SOMEHING, CAUSE THE LEEGACY SHALL NOT PERISH!" Event event event, I decided to look for Clem by myself, I have no idea if lee is gonna turn and possibly bite someone.

    Well, this is the walking dead..............
    What is special about the walking dead game is that it shares the same time line and universe as the comics. So when Lee is with his group in episode 2, Rick is with his. The story in the game can jump a few months ahead to catch up to what is going on in Rick's story but it can't go years into the future beyond where Rick is currently in the comics. In Rick's story his son Carl is still only 9 in the comics but was 8 at the time of Lee's story. Rick has been in the apocalypse for under 2 years. So I don't think Telltale will take the liberty of taking the game series years into the future. I don't think it will be more than months later when we continue into season 2. Having the game run almost parralel to the comic is what makes the game so authentic. Lee goes to The Green's farm before Rick so we see places and people from the comics.
  • Rather than start a big flame war, i'm simply going to say that i wasn't going to actually play this episode at all because of how episode 3 was so dissapointing, but i did end up playing it anyway.
    I feel like this episode was better than episode 3, but still not anywhere near as good as what you guys are saying it was. I felt like it was cliche and had bad story writing, it got better in the middle and i actually kind of enjoyed the game in the middle of it but the start and finish of this episode let it down a bit.
  • 2-_-DEAD;690826 said:
    Has anybody figured out if we can avoid being bitten? I just don't see how this season can end good if we are gonna die lol.
    I don't think it will end good for Lee, but he may feel that his mission is accomplished if he gets Clementine to safety. This is a common theme in post apocolyptic movies like in the Road when the man dies after getting the boy to the beach where he meets a family who cares for him and I am Legend when Dr Robert Neville sacrifices his life so Anna and the boy can escape and get to the safe zone.

    Clementine is the mission. The game is really seeing this apocalyptic world through Lee's eyes and his drive through out the game has been geared towards getting Clementine to safety. If Christa can stay alive and take over as Clementine's care taker then Lee would have his victory and his redemption. Though i'm sure he would have wanted to survive and live with her it is actually his desire to keep her safe that has kept him going this far.
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