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Whom do you want to take care of Clem?

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Note: The poll is multiple choice.

In the event of your demise, who would you want taking care of her?

Personally, I prefer Omid and Christa.
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  • Molly seems able to fend for herself, and a good role model to teach Clem how to survive.
  • No brainer. Omid and Christa.

    Christa obviously loves Clementine so much - maybe as much as Lee. She would definitely get custody if it were my choice.

    On a side note, Kenny? HA! POS didn't even come help me look for her in my playthrough. I'd let radio man have her before Kenny.
  • Vernon or Crista & Omid.

    I say Vernon because I don't think he's the man over the radio tbh. I think he is just a lonely old doctor who lost his daughter. I think he and his group may of moved to a hospital from the basement since the town got overrun (the name escapes me at this moment. Not Savannah. )
  • It's obvious, Christa and Omid.
    Ben is still a kid (and dead in my playthrough), Kenny is an asshole, Molly is just gonna leave her many times and I don't like Vermon enough. From all characters I would prefer Carley the most.
  • LOL who chose Ben? How can he be trusted to look after Clem? At the start of the episode, he was a coward and didn't bother helping Clem, when they were surrounded by walkers.
  • Ben, Omid, and Christa. They seem like the best caretakers, especially since Ben grew a pair in Crawford.

    And what do you mean "In the event of our demise"? We've been bitten.
  • Let's see..
    Christa & Omid - Was my initial thought but I am uncomfortable with Omid. Christa would obviously look after her like a mom.
    Kenny - Naw. Even after all this time the relationship between them seems weak.
    Ben - Hell no. Would be pretty much a death sentence.
    Vernon - yeah. His speech was like that of Chuck. I would trust him. He's a doctor, seems kind plus he has months worth of food supplies and a decent hideout.
    Molly - she said Clem reminded her of herself. She obviously likes her. And Molly seems to be a survival and fighting expert. Not a bad choice.
  • Omid and Christa. Christa genuinely cares for Clementine, and as a couple, it's pretty much a given that they'll take care of Clementine better as she'll have a mom and a dad. Or step-mom and dad.

    Ben is a kid. A stupid kid who even abandoned Clementine. A kid is a kid, and he will not be able to take care of Clementine. He's dead on my playthrough anyways. Kenny is too unstable, and even though it might help him recover faster from the loss of Katjaa and Duck, I think it wouldn't be best for Clementine. I think Molly is a bit too much of an independent character to take care of Clementine, but she's most likely capable of it. Vernon is also capable of taking care of Clementine, but I think what she needs most is a mom and a dad who love each other and genuinely care for her and are capable of taking care of her together.
  • Omid & Christa & Kenny

    Those are my 3 main choices

    But i cant help but feel Lee dead is Telltale shooting themselfs in the foot.

    i know it makes for a nice ending to ep 5 but whats the deal with all the games lately where the main character dies? so i hope Telltale will come with a nice twist and make Lee survive
  • In all seriousness without lee I want the group to raise her.
    All of them together don't add up to my Lee. So it would be best if the group stayed together and became a real family.

    Kenny the asshole Uncle
    Ben is the Fredo Corleone
    Omid and Christa can give her the love
    Molly Survival tips/Combat

    Hopefully we find Molly again and Lee can convince her to join.
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