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Episode 5 Predictions

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Im so depressed right now! About Lee getting bitten and all :'( Anyway! What do you think will happen in episode 5 of the walking dead? Will we meet the mystery guy on the walki and get Clementine back? Will Lee find a cure for his bite? What do you think?
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  • I think Lee will die no matter what happen, I just hope TT don't let the group members die like flies... I cannot handle when they let Christa die who is pregnant. I just hope the last survivors will be Christa, Kenny, Clem & Molly.

    When someone is infected he can barely talk anymore right ? So talking on the walkie-talkie will be much harder so he have to reach fast to the group. I see at the end the boat still working but who makes it there is the other thing. For some reason I hope Lilly shows up and kills (or let me say, help :D lol) Vernon and the others to free Clem or atleast help the last survivors to reach the boat. TT could give Lilly a good farewell and show that Lilly is a good person.

    For some reason since Molly said: "She is like me" at the end, I could see her rescue Clementine. Ben will be at the next episode for 1 time pretty badass and sacrifice himself, the same goes for Omid that cause a very emotional scene w/ Christa.
  • You bust the kidnappers ass. You find Clem's mom and her group. You hand over Clem. She asks you to join. You show the bite. Everyone tears up. "Lee, you're the best babysitter I've had. Have 20 bux". Lee dies.
  • The kidnapper has Clem's parents. Unfortunately they're both zombies.
  • To be honest I'm still hoping Lilly to drive-by in the RV and make Lee's last moments less painful. She still has time in terms of the Comics..
    But that's doubtful... In the end Lee will probably save Clem in the end, maybe not if he's alone.

    I'm still wondering how they'll nail the ending though, cause there's so much potential here!
  • Bambietta;691033 said:
    The guy on the walkie is Vermon or whatever his name is, the old man in charge of the support group. I think the last episode will be about finding Clementine, while battling the infection and dealing with the deal and how they are reacting to us being bitten. Also we'll probably find Clementine's parents, her dad is definitely dead but her mom maybe...naw she dead. I thought we'd find them in Crawford but no. Anyway I think we'll find Clem's parents and she might have to shoot them.
    I think if they do I season two then an older Clementine should be the main character.
    did you not finish ep4? he said it wasnt vernon. duh!
  • When it comes down to the choices and 'spoilery'(lol) stuff.
    I'd guess one of the people with you dies.(or all of them, if that's possible and you can pull it off even if they're 'friendly/loyal' towards you, I'll do it, because of the ep4 ending)
    You have a choice to give your gun to somebody.
    Horde has arrived in town(why vernon and his crew packed up and left)
    At the end of the episode Lee will get shot by
    1. himself
    2. Clem
    3. One of the people aiding you or
    4. the special; clems kidnapper.
    Wouldn't really see that one coming yeah? The hero faili...well, he failed already by getting bitten, but failing to rescue Clem...without it ending in game over instantly...hah! Only available if you get everyone that was with you killed or something along those lines.
    5. nobody shoots you after saving clem, you reassure them you'll be 'fine' and all that - Lee turns and last we see is his eyes going and him lunging at the screen going blaargh(or he could turn and kill someone before they'd shoot Lee)

    Darn shame that the ending of ep4 literally took away any choice as to what ending Lee will have.
    Only very cheapo outcomes now, there is no cure or immunity so you can scratch that out instantly.
    Shoulda saved the -possible-(instead of being a forced story plotpoint) zombie bite to ep5...or atleast saved the forced plotpoint for episode 5.

    Oh well, I'll be playing through the 5th episode but like knowing the ending of a movie/book/game where the hero dies, it takes away a TON of the excitement, now it'll just be a 'wade through, see Lee die, lose all interest' kinda thing. For me, atleast. (Lee & Kenny are the only characters I give 2 jacks about in the game so...yeah)
  • I'd like to see Molly come back and take Clementine as Lee is dying. I wanted to go by myself at the end because I'm already a dead man. No need to put others at risk
  • I'm really hoping Lee can still cut his arm off at the wrist in time to stop the spread of the infection.
  • As I already stated in several other threads here:

    1. No one of the group that comes with you will play a major role in Ep5. TTG hates optional characters because they mean more work. They'll all lose each other pretty fast like "Oh I'ma check this part of town and you guys go there, we meet up here for 5'o clock tea, k?" Maybe some show up at the very end but for the vast part of the game they won't be there.

    2. In the end it will be Lee, radio guy, Clem, Molly and maybe Vernon as well

    3. The whole point of Molly getting out of the house before Lee was bitten to not make her optional for the "Search Clem Squad". She will be there. Same could go for Vernon and his group.

    4. Lee gets too chose who should take care of Clem. Like Molly, Vernon or Christa/Omid.

    5. Lee gets too chose who shoud do him, either Molly, Clem or he himself etc.
  • ghostpuncher;692012 said:
    I'm really hoping Lee can still cut his arm off at the wrist in time to stop the spread of the infection.
    Doesn't the infection attack your blood stream as well as your brain? If so.. I don't really think amputation would actually work..
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