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Did you drop him?

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Did you drop Ben? Why or why not did you drop him?

I personally dropped him for multiple reasons.

1. He did give food to the bandits and forced us out of the camp.
2. Didn't fess up and got Carley/Doug killed
3. Because of this Duck got bit and caused Katjaa and Duck to both die.
4. Left Clem to die.
5. Let Clem leave the house when he should of been watching her!!!!
6. Clem gets back to house, you would think he would watch her right? "Uhh shes in the backyard playing" FUCKING REALLY?!
7. Took the hatchet from the door that was blocking the walkers.
8. Had to tell Kenny right than and there about everything. Time we could have used to all escape.

If it wasn't for the group he would have been walker food a loooong time ago. I was done with him when he let Clem get out of the house on her own to follow Lee. HE HAS ONE JOB! To watch a child. To make sure the child didn't get away. There was no way I was going to let him put anyone else in danger to save his skin. Dropped him. Save yourself this time idiot.
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  • I dropped him because he seems useless. Plus him asking for it made it even easier.
    First of all he cheated the group by stealing supplies to trade to the bandits without telling anyone. That got 3 people killed (Doug/Carley, Duck and Katjaa).

    Now that would already be bad enough but him not helping Clementine in the streets pretty much sealed the deal for me. He fucked up once majorly and then doesn't even help her. How can I feel any sympathy whatsoever for this useless piece of crap? And then he is like "Huh someone jammed this axe inbetween those door handles. Let's take it!:D". Dropped him and won't regret it. He had chances to make up for his mistakes and then fucked it up all over again. He was a waste of time and resources for the group.
    He isn't smart, helpful, nor strong or sympathetic. I don't see any reason to keep him alive tbh.
  • I saved him. I agree with all the things you've listed but he did one thing that made me change my mind. He admit his mistakes and was ready to die because of them. That is something that certain moustached person will never be able to do. Ben is developing and changing. He can become a great guy one day, who knows.

    I think Lee's impeding doom will definitely change him for good. That is if anybody survives ep 5 :P
  • I dropped him because he begged me to.
  • I saved him. Not sure why I did, especially since after seeing the preview trailer with him leaving Clem, I was prepared to let him die. The hatchet stunt didn't help his case, but when it was time to make a decision I just couldn't do it. I guess Clem's speech before had something to do with that.
  • I dropped him. I actually liked Ben. He screwed up a lot but his heart was usually in the right place. Yes, some of his decisions got some people killed. But some of Lee's decisions have gotten people killed too, if you think about it. But I dropped him because he begged me to. He was full of guilt and wanted a chance to redeem himself and help the group. :( I hated to do it but the guy begged me.
  • I saved him.

    There's a lot of things I'll forgive if you own up to them and show remorse, and Ben did just that. I really like Ben as a character, and I was happy to have the choice to spare his life.

    ...Which probably means he won't have a major role in Episode 5 and will be killed by a cop-out, but >_>
  • No, I saved him...and agree with everything you listed ...
    But I could not let him die, he is part of my group, and when he asked me to loose him I realized he was very sorry, he did not deserve to die because he missed.
    But the main reason for me,I would feel horrible if I killed that Carley died protecting,!, I would kill him if it were not for that,my revenge now just comes down to Lilly.
    but l still hate him.
  • I dropped him, and I'm still traumatized...dear god. He hits the bottom, and I thought the fall killed him, but it only broke his legs. He screamed as the walkers tore into him...Jesus, is it really possible for him to LIVE?

    I think I have to quote Lee on this one. "It wasn't a choice. It was just something I did, I don't know why." I'll definately be saving him whenever I go back through the Episode, but I've stuck with my choices up til now and will continue to do so. He was a major fuck up, but he didn't deserve to die like that. Especially not after he took responsibility for his actions. But even he said I should let him go, which is probably what made me actually do it in the end. RIP Ben.
  • I didn't even want to shoot the zombie off of him when it grabbed him.

    All the reasons everyone listed already were reasons I dropped him. The biggest reason was that he had put Clementine in danger multiple times, and especially when he ran away from her on the street in the zombie mob. IRL I would have killed that sonovabitch the second I had a chance.
  • Motordead;691959 said:
    Did you drop Ben? Why or why not did you drop him?

    I personally dropped him for multiple reasons.

    I dropped him for all the same reasons as well.

    Did you notice that he changed his story too? No mention of trying to save his friend that the bandits held. This time it was to protect the group.
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