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The Walking Dead Ep 4 RELEASE DATES ARE OUT! PSN NA October 9th, PC/Mac/Xbox 10th!

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Because if I don't make this thread, someone else will. As of now, no prize, because I'm still finishing The Ripper's comic cover.

If-and only if- I finish it by the end of the first week of September, I'll offer what I did last time, one randomly chosen person from those who guess the correct date (I'll make multiple winners if console and PC are not released on the same day) will get a TWD cover of themselves (or a friend/family member)

iOS releases are on a different schedule, so that doesn't count as a win. Just Mac/PC-Xbox-PS3 guesses.

Happy guessing!

-Sorry I remade the thread, poll wasn't working properly.
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  • Accall;692008 said:
    spawner, take comfort in the fact that you're not the only one. After countless tries to enter the menu, and occasionally succeeding (I don't know how), it always failed to download episode 4. So I tried Eozen's trick and it worked - next time I clicked "GET", it was installed. Of course I tried to play it - what do you know, next crash. And now the program only starts in windowed mode and prompts me to enter my user name and password - upon which it does exactly nothing. Just the empty TWD screen with the hints scrolling at the top. So yeah - you're definetly not the only one experiencing recurring problems with TWD.
    I never tried and never will do any crack tricks for an official game as it might conflict and cause havoc. Well that beats it that I'm not the only one going through this issue. What puzzles me is the fact that some had no problem with it...So how come we ARE ? :confused:
  • Arghh.. Still says 'coming soon'.
  • God dammit :/ any1 tried contacting TTG ?
  • It seems really odd that people are having so many different problems, while others are having no difficulty at all. I've tried for over 4 hours, and have gotten nowhere with my downloading. Then to see that others still show coming soon, or can't even get into the main menu, seems bizarre. I am hoping someone with Telltale has a magic wand or something to help us! Going to give up and try tomorrow.
  • Different issues same shit though dustpuffs
  • I keep getting the Lost connection thing when I click get... kinda annoying considering I am alt tabbed out to write this
  • Weird. So Coming Soon has gone away, now I'm at Get. Unfortunately, when I click Get it immediately says connection lost. =/
  • OMFG after some time I couldn't get to the main menu now I managed and NOW am having another issue like others had with the download error :S Same thing here tobar :/ keep trying others said
  • tobar;692157 said:
    Weird. So Coming Soon has gone away, now I'm at Get. Unfortunately, when I click Get it immediately says connection lost. =/
    Just got home from work, been looking forward to playing it all day......getting the same issue, I click on 'Get' and immediately it tells me my internet has dropped connection! I have checked this out, rebooted my router and PC but still the same.

    No hate for Telltale here, think you guys have done an excellent job, just would like a fix please.....
  • Yup, I just recently got the "Get"-button, but now it says that there's a problem with my connection.. Sigh.. guess I download it tomorrow then :( was looking forward to play it tonight.
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