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Can't download episode 4

posted by randomblack1 on - last edited - Viewed by 6.8K users
When I click on "Get" in the in-game downloader, it gives me an error message saying "Check internet connection". My internet connection is obviously good, though... Any ideas?
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  • helix6666;692239 said:
    i got through that problem and now it is telling me that my account doesnt have the license to download the game even though i bought and paid for the whole season in advance.... sad to say that i am not surprised and i dont really expect telltale to even respond to us at this point :(
    Getting this now too. I'm going to go watch a movie and come back...maybe they'll have it fixed by then.
  • you guys at least have the GET IT button, mine still says coming soon lol
  • I have the get = no connection thing... kinda annoying
  • kingmartykim;692269 said:
    you guys at least have the GET IT button, mine still says coming soon lol
    same here
  • All fucking day long...

    and quit giving me some bullshit error message about my internet connection. It should read like this "Sorry, we don't have the bandwidth to handle our customers download requests, try again later."

    you can point your fucking finger up your ass
  • I'm dying to play it, still 'Coming Soon'
  • This is ridiculous, Telltale has managed this horribly on their own end from the get go. I'll never buy a game directly from Telltale ever again; I enjoy their games, but I'll definitely give Steam a cut of their profits, just to stay away from TT's horrible servers/customer service.
  • Hmm, yeah, mine says "Coming Soon." I have rebooted and such, but no change.
  • Same error for me. Any word from Telltale CS?

    I am also on board with WalkingBread, IF I get another Telltale game I will go through Steam.
  • This happened with every episode for me but it ended up working after a few tries.
    This time I get the error message every time I get to 30% and then I'm back at 10%. WTF telltale ! Help me I need my fix !
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